Eco-solvent Printing Machine With DX5 DX7 5113 Printhead Indoor And Outdoor Adve

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Eco-solvent Printing Machine With DX5 DX7 5113 Printhead Indoor And Outdoor Advertising

Higher Speed

With 2 pcs EPS0N DX5 print heads, the 4pass printing speeding is 50m2/h, 30%-50% faster than the previous.

Stable Printing

8 Hours continuous printing without any print head maintenance! Unprecedented performance!


The image quality by 4pass is much better than other printer's 6pass printing, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Long Using Life

Compared with EPS0N DX9, EPS0N DX7 print head's using life is one time longer.

Main Mechanical Structure Introduction
1. LEADSHINE Brushless Motor
High precision, fast speed, long using life little problem; Stable carriage move Independent power supply control avoid circuit board problem from excessive electricity current

2. Machine Work Platform Adjustment Structure
This structure will help work platform flat, make sure print head & platform distance consistant, ensure printing qualify

3. Ink Carriage
Carriage height can be adjusted by button, applicable for different thickness printing media, adopt separated type ink damper components, convenient for daily maintainence.

4. Guide Rail Assembly
Adopt HI WIN double guide rail slidermake carriage move stabler, printing resolution higher; Lift-pinch components stamped by high-precision mould, stabile performance, high accuracy contolled in Lift-pinch components fixed by both sides, make sure all pinch roller's straightness; Media feeding roller and guide rail both installed on guide rail slides, ensures the relative position, ail pinch rollers are fixed on feeding rollers top point.

5. Machine Stands
Adopt 3,5mm metal,more stronger, reliable no shake during printing, stabler during in printfng

6. ink Service Station
Adopt self-researched corrosion resistant ink pad & high-quality electromagnetic components, form a all-in-one service station, make sure installtion & printhead accuracy, also realize automatice ink pumping function in long time standby mode, improve work

specification parameters:

- - - -
Item model | Enjet 32s |
Printhead | Epson DX5 DX7 XP600 5113 |
Maximum width | 3200mm |
Ink | ECO-DYE-UV-Sublimation ink |
Media | PP Sythentic Paper,Backlit,Photographic paper,Transfer Paper etc |
Print resolution /speed | 4 pass:50m2/h 6 pass:33m2/h 8 pass: 25m2/h |
Rip software | Maintop V5.3.5,Photoprint,Topaz, Seeget wasatch |
Operation environments | Temperature:20-35 Humidity:35%-65% |
Dimensions of packing | 4300(L)X900(W)X800(H)mm |
Dimensions of printer | 4200(L)X900(W)X1600(H) |
Net weight | 350KG |
Gross weight | 390KG |
- - - -

Guarantee and after sales service:

1) The machine guarantee is 1 year;
2) 24hours technical support by email, romote control-TeamViewer by internet or calling;
3) English version manual and operation video CD disc.
4) Our Wechat ID:18638118923
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