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Deluxejet 18s Two Unlocked DX5 Printhead Paper cutting Printer For Flex Banner

Adopt high quality aluminum alloy structure,by the imported equipment processingadvanced and reasonable design of teh platformstructure,can ensure platform height errorwithin 0.05mm imported bands linear guide system,adopt high peformance servo motor,stepper motor and feeding system ,improved printing speed ,ensue perfect mechanicalconstruction and printing precision it can print letters less than 1mm

The advantages ofDeluxejet18S

1. uses the EPSON high-speed dx5nozzle with a unique micro piezo print technology that controls the inkjet process with a sensitive electronic pulse signal to control the droplet shape and position the ink droplets very precisely. The number of print holes in the print head to achieve 180 per color, the highest resolution up to 1440 * 1440dqi, with the latest color control technology, can achieve high-quality print results.

2. rely on the original inkjet technology, to achieve ultra-high quality printing, 1.5-5pl variable ink droplets, to achieve a smooth smooth gradient, with ink can be printed once for three different sizes of droplets of variable drops Function, and its smallest droplet size to the amazing 1.5pl.

3. ink bag damper

the use of rectangular design and nozzle shape exactly match, with the close, to avoid the process of playing ink cartridges appear shaking, loose phenomenon; bottom seal corrosion resistance, good sealing, and many times plug no problem.
4. adoptwell-known brand HIWIN double slider rails to ensure the smooth movement of ink cartridges.
5.three heaters, automatically heat the media to the appropriate temperature, improve the coloring and stability of the ink.

specification parameters

- - - -
Model | Deluxejet 18s |
Print head | EpsonDx5 |
Number of printhead | double |
print direction | bidirectional/udidirectional printing |
printhead height | 2-3mm |
Max print width | 1820mm |
Printing Resolution | 1440dpi |
Print speed | Production Model 4pass : | 31.9 m2/h |
Quolity Model 6pass: | 22.5m2/h |
High-quality Mode 8pass: | 15.3m2/h |
Ink | Type | water-based pigment ink/eco-solvent ink/water-based dye ink/dye sublimation in |
Color | 4colors (C/Y/M/K) |
Capacity | ink tank capacity :1500ml |
Ink supply system | negative pressure CISS supply system |
Media | Width | 1850mm |
Type | photopaper,canvas,car sticker,reflective media,laminating film.etc |
Heating system | tri-stage heating system control by PID temperature control system |
take-up system | standard equipped |
Drive system | leadshine810 high accuracy drive |
Auto cleaning of printhead | Owning anti-blocking,auto flash$moisturizing function |
print interface | 1000M/ network interface |
Language | English/Chinese |
Operation system | WindowsXP/Windows 7 32bit/win7 64 bit |
Printer interface | 100M/Network interface |
Compatibility | support LAN print |
RIP software | 5.3Maintop/photoprint/Wasatch |
Input power | AC220v,50/60Hz |
noise | standby <32db work<65db |
Packing size | 3055X825X620mm(LxWxH) |
GS Weight | 290KGS |
- - - -

1. Support double DX5 print head

2. Equipped with automatic print head maintenance station

3. Positive ink supply system with 1000ml/color capacity ink tank

4. Perfect Color Presentation

5. Perfect lemire Servo Motor

6. High resolution media feeding system, more accurate

7. Industrial vacuum table keep high resolution printing quality

Epson DX5 Printhead

Double Epson DX5 printheads

Deluxejet 18s ECO-solvent printer adopt double Epson DX5 printheads.higher printing speed,Adopt unique printmedia clamps,efficiently prevent print media edge cocking up and avoid scratching the printhead .enhance

productivity.this kind of eco-solvnet print,adopt internationally advanced smart printhead cleaning technologyand moisurizing device,safer and easier operation

Alterable ink drops:

3 types ink drops alteranting ,ink grain cant appear on printing image even though under the mode of 4 colors printing,

super quality image showed not only under the high resolution mode,but also low resolution mode

Three-area heating system :

Automatically heat media to proper temperature ,improve ink dyeing power and stability

Front heater:Heat media to optimum temperature before printing

Centre heater:Dry inks on media before permeation occurs,improve dyeing power

Back heater:Dry prints work fully, realize stable rolling up .

detail dscription:

Guarantee and after sales service:

1) The machine guarantee is 1 year;
2) 24hours technical support by email, romote control-TeamViewer by internet or calling;
3) English version manual and operation video CD disc.

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