63 Inch Transfer Paper Printing Machine , Heat Transfer Printer For Sublimation

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63 Inch Wide Format Hetaing Transfers Printer , Color Photo Inkjet Printing Machine

description :

Adopt high quality aluminum alloy structure,by the imported equipment processing

advanced and reasonable design of teh platformstructure,can ensure platform height errorwithin 0.05mm imported bands linear guide system,adopt high peformance servo motor,stepper motor and feeding system ,improved printing speed ,ensue perfect mechanicalconstruction and printing precision it can print letters less than 1mm


1. collision capping station -design by locor itself, mechanical location,adjustable

2. printing platform-adjustable,that make sure the distance from pirnthead surface to platform is rasonable

3. dampe-ectangle based board design, friendly match with printhead shape,harmoniously connect,elimingating ink dampershake or loosing situation during printing

4. Guide rail-adopt HIWIN double guide rail slide, make cariage move more stabel, media moving higher precision within 0.03mm

5. press wheel accesso-ries-lift-pinch components stamped by high-precision mould,stable performance high accuracy

6. wiper-automatically moving front and back, to wipe ink drops from heads surface.

specification parameters

- - - -
Model | | Deluxejet16W |
Number of printhead | | Double |
Print head | | Epson 5113 |
Max print width | | 1650mm |
Print speed | Production Mode 4 pass: | 57.4m/h |
Quality mode 6 pass: | 44.8m/h |
High-precision mode 8 pass: | 31.2m/h |
Ink | Type | water-based ink/water-based dye ink/dye sublimation ink |
Color | 4 colors(C/M/Y/K) |
Capacity | 1500ml |
Ink supply system | positive pressure ink supply |
Media | Max Weight | 45KG |
Type | photopaper,canvas,car sticker,reflective media,laminating film.sublimation paper ,etc |
Take up system | Standard equipped |
Cleanin of printhead | Owning anti-blocking,auto flash & moisturiziong function |
Height of Printhead | 2-3mm |
Heating system | tri-stage heating system control by PID temperature control system |
External Drying apparatus | Environmental energy-saving sctional dry fans adjustable according to printing width |
Language | English /Chinese |
Operation system | WindowsXP/Win7 |
Print interface | 1000M/network interface |
RIP software | Maintop/Photoprint/Wasatch |
Operation environment | Temp :18-25,Humdity 35RH-65RH |
Input power | AC-220V,50Hz/60Hz |
Power | standby 32W,max 1500W |
Noise | standby 32dB,work 65dB |
Gross Weight | 250KG |
Packing size | 2855x825x620mm(LxWxH) |
Machine size | 2725x545x1400mm(LxWxH) |
- - - -

1. Auto media detect.measure media width ,and set print origin automati-cally
2. Auto anti-scraping ,auto pause if media wrinkle to protect head.
3. Auto media sensor,stop printing automatically when no media
4. ife-press pause function,make sure machine can not work until media fix well

advantages :

1. automatically printing job pause. when media wrinkle

2. automatically printing job pause. when printing media is going to use up

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