63 Inch Large Format Printing Machine Water Based Inkjet Plotter Longer Lifetime

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water-based Inkjet Plotter For Indoor , Eco-Solvent Color Photo Printer 63 Inch


1. Adopt THK guide rail made in japan,mute slider ,high precision moving,straight line.

2. Double sliders-THK double sliders,high speed moving,stable,precisely.

3. High density press wheels-Press Wheel pressing can be adjusted according to different kinds of media,satisfied with many different users

4. Adjusting platform-More screws to adjust the level of platform ,keeping the precision of printing

5. Cycle media motor controlling -media motor use code disk encoding,effectively to reduce to error,make sure printing quality good.

6. Negative pressure fan,made by NMB japan,little noises,longer lifetime.

7. Bears made in japan,little noises,longer life time ,that keep carriage moving stable ,precisely

8. Leadshine motor-Adopted leadshine motor,which is widely used at printing machines.

9. Peristaltic pump-peristaltic pump have a longer lifetime and reduce the damage to printhead


1. automatically printing job pause. when media wrinkle

2. automatically printing job pause. when printing media is going to use up

3. According to different media,printhead plate could be adjusted based on two modes:high or low.

4. Outer heating ,hot wind and cool wind blow at same time ,heater automatically powered off,when machine finished printing job.


1. Support double DX5 print head

2. Equipped with automatic print head maintenance station

3. Positive ink supply system with 1000ml/color capacity ink tank

4. Perfect Color Presentation

5. Perfect stepperServo Motor

6. High resolution media feeding system, more accurate

7. Industrial vacuum table keep high resolution printing quality
specification parameters

- - - -
Model | Ultra-1600 |
Printing size | 1650mm |
Print head | Epson Dx5 |
Number of printhead | Double |
Printing Resolution | 360x720dpi/720x1080dpi/1440x1440dpi |
4 Printhead speed | Production Mode 4pass: | 32.4m2/h |
Quality Mode 6pass: | 24.6m2/h |
High-precision Mode 8pass: | 14.2/h |
Ink | Type | eco-solvent ink /water-based ink/dye sublimation ink |
Color | 4 colors (C/Y/M/K) |
Capacity | ink tank capacity :1000ml |
Ink supply system | negative pressure CISS |
Print media | Max weight | 45KG |
Type | pp ,photo,pape film,pvc backlit |
Take up system | standard equipped |
Printhead clearing | Owning anti-blocking,auto flash$moisturizing function |
Heating system | tri-stage heating system control by PID temperature control system |
External Drying apperaratus | environment ener-gy-saving sectional dry fans adjustable according to printing width |
Transfer Port | 100M/Net-port printing |
Language | English/Chinese |
Print interface | HI-USB 2.0 |
RIP software | 5.3Maintop/photoprint/Wasatch |
Operation environment | T:18-25.H:40%-60% |
Input power | AC220v,50/60Hz |
Noise | standby:<32dB work:<65dB |
G.W | 305KG |
Packing size | 2715x1095x800mm(LxWxH) |
- - - -
# Afterable ink droplet:

3 types ink drops alternating,ink grain cant appear on printing image even though under the mode of 4colors printing.Super quality image showed not only under the high resolution mode,but also low resolution mode

# three-area heating system:

Automatically heat media to proper temperature,improve ink dyeing power and stability.

Front heater:Heat media to optimum temperature before printing.

Centre heater:Dry inks on media before permeation occurs,improve dyeing power.

Back heater:Dry prints work fully,realize stable rolling up.

Application:4 types of inks

1. Epson DX5:Eco-solvent ink,water-based dye ink,water-based pigment ink,dye sublimation ink.

2. Epson 5113: water-base dye ink,water-based pigment ink,dye sublimation ink.

Guarantee and after sales service:

1) The machine guarantee is 1 year;
2) 24hours technical support by email, romote control-TeamViewer by internet or calling;
3) English version manual and operation video CD disc.

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