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Professional Books Printing Service, Board Book Printing Service, Children's Book Printing,

Where to find one professional Board Book Printing Service? When you find this page, you are now approching to one top quality Board Book Printing supplier!

Wons Printing Company did not have any advertising on media in the past. Now we are happy to share our knowledge with all publishers for more printing business.

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Size: | Any customized size is welcome. |
Paper: | Board Paper, normally it's 250gsm Single Side Coated Paper, 2 in 1. |
Color: | CMYK full color printing (4c/4c) |
Finishing: | UV |
Binding: | Board Book Binding |
Corner: | Round corner. |
Packing: | Master carton, pallets, shrink wrap around pallets. |
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How to order one Board Book from the printer?

Just tell the printer about following factors, one rather competitive price will be offered to you.

1. Size. Any customized size is welcome.

2. Material. Usually board paper, single side coated paper, gloss or matt art paper is used. If you want speical coated paper, feel free to provide example for reference. Various paper can be sourced easily from China printing material market.

3. Color. We know most board book are printed with Full Color throught the pages.

4. Finishing. Spot UV, Glittering UV, Hot Stamping, and so on.

5. How many sheets. Kindly note 1 sheet = 2 pages/sides.

Printing: Single black on white, 4 color printing, 5 color printing, or even up to 9 color printing is never a problem.

Surface finishing: cover has Film lamination, Spot varnishing is welcome, Embossing or Debossing,Hot Stamping makes cover looks more attractive.

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Board Book Printing processing steps: 1. | Checking File to make sure No any missing during making plates. |
2. | Make blueprints to check again. |
3. | Prepare material. |
4. | Printing |
5. | Lamination, folding |
6. | Binding |
7. | Trim size |
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Our strength:

Help customers find most suitable material, and most attractive effect for varnishing or any other decoration.

Professional and skilled staffs working in printing books for more than 15 years.

Well maintened facility keeps very good running, providesQuick delivery.

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