Fully Automatic Bread Crumb Grinder , Bread Crumb Food Processing Machinery 150k

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Fully automatic various shapes bread crumbs making machine

bread crumb making machine introduction

Bread crumbs is mainly used for fried breakfast and drumstick as frying dressing.The long and sliver-shaped breadcrumbs are of porous structure inside,after frying,the crumbs become straight up bit by bit.They are not only puffed and nice in appearance but also crisp and delicate in taste.

Bread crumbs processing line is specially designed and developed according to market demand.The whole line can be finished from the raw materials,extrusion,drying to finished products automatically.

Machines included in the production line

Dough Mixer, Dough Divider, Dough Rounder, Dough Moulder, Moulding Dough Trolley,

Electrode Baking Oven , PreCrusher, Crushed Bread Conveyor, Bread Crumbs Pulverizer, High Hoister, Vibrant Fluid Bed Dryer ,Cooling Conveyor

Models of the Panko Bread Crumbs Processing Line

The capacity of the whole production line can be 150kg/h, 300kg/h 500kg/h and even more.

You can also buy some of the machines in the production line, such the Electrode baking oven, Bread crumb pulverizer, Vibrant fluid bed dryer and so on.

Features of bread crumb making machine

The whole machine is made by steel and the screws are made by alloy steel and special craft,so the life is longer.And the uses building block system stucture,may combine willfully.

Visible auto-temperature controlling system,make temperature-controlling to be more direct-viewing,parameter to be more precise.

The screw have self-cleaning function,when stopping,you do not need to disassemble.

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