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Cutting Size 2700mm Computer Panel Saw For Furniture Making


1. High quality Woodworking computer panel saw, cutting length: 2700mm, cutting of panels up to 100mm,speed of saw carriage 0-80m/min, automatic induction saw forward speed. it's good to cut MDF, wood etc. panels with precision positioning.

2. Saw socket driving uses rack and pinion mechanism, stable for heavy duty work load.

3. The grippers are made of cast aluminum, avoiding scratch the board surface.

4. HD Touch screen.

5.This machine is adopt TAIDA control, easy to use.

HD Touch screen control system

1. Easy operation, safety and reliable.
2. Have complete operating tips and troubleshooting guide functions.

3. Can edit and execute cutting plan manually

4. Can compatible with barcode management software or factory automation software

Air pressure type stuffing

1. Panel veneer adopts air cylinder, after feeding it will through by roller bed surface.

2. Feeding accurately to make sure saw blade cutting precisely and do not damage the work pieces.

Technical Parameter :

- - - -
Max. processing size | 3100x3100x100mm |
Sawing car feeding speed | 0-80m/min |
Feeding speed | 0-85m/min |
Main blade diameter | 350mm |
Main saw extended height | 80mm |
Deputy blade diameter | 180mm |
Main saw motor power | 11kw |
Deputy saw motor power | 1.5kw |
Traction motor power | 1.5kw |
Feeding servo motor power | 1.5kw |
Working pressure | 0.6MPA |
Table height | 830mm |
Dimensions | 5900x5600x1620mm |
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