Plastic Coated Security Window Screens / Anti Theft Mesh High Impact Strength

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Plastic Coated King Kong Network/Anti-theft Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Protection

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1. Material:The Diamond mesh security screens is made of 304 ,316 and stainless steel wire .

2.Mesh: 10x10mesh.11x11mesh, 12x12 mesh, 14x14mesh and etc.

3. Wire diameter:0.50mm,0.60mm,0.70mm, 0.80mm, 0.90mm, 1.0mm, and etc.

4.Size: 1500mm*3000mm;1300mm*2600mm;1200mm*2000mm;1200mm*2400mm;

1000*2400mm;900mm*2000mm;900mm*2400mm;750mm*2000mm;750mm*2400mm and etc.


High impact strength, anti-theft, anti-mosquito,High temperature, flame retardant, high

strength, toughness, and the surface color bright and beautiful, can better increase air circulation and

sunlight. Anti-theft insect net, woven by the stainless steel wire, the surface after spray treatment, color

(black, silver and other colors).Easy to clean, as long as a rag can clean very clean. Long service life, can

go to 15-50 years


1. Flat surface to make it easily install

2. black -matte powder coated gives you a very comfortable visual enjoyment

3. Perfect flaws

4. To protect your house from theft and bullet.


1.Prevent from rats,snakes,flies etc.

2.High strength, can not be kicked in or broken with hammers

3.Can not be cut with scissors

4.Fire proof, maximum anti corrosion

5.Clear from inside,can not be seen thru from outside

6.Easy to clean


Security screen is suitable for many residential and commercial applications, including:

1.Sliding doors and windows

2.Hinged doors

3.Casements, awnings and double-hung windows

4.Fire and emergency escape screens


6.Pool fencing

7.Outdoor room extensions

8.Shop fronts

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Product Name | Diamond mesh |
Material | stainless steel |
Color | black,white,yellow and Silver-gray etc |
Standard | ISO |
Grade | 304 |
Used | Bulletproof, security, doors and windows
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