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Brand Name: QINSUN
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI
Color: GREY
Certificate: CE

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The filter measuring device consists of 2 components: Filter measuring device FMP 03 and universal filter holder FH-143/149 automatic. The automatic measuring set FMP03 + FH is suitable for quickly testing particle filters and filter media. Applications For production controls and type testing, e.g. testing filter respirators and filtering half-mask face pieces with liquid paraffin aerosol according to standards EN 143 and EN 149. Leak testing and filter resistance tests on particle filters to a maximum diameter of 200 mm. Very good correlation to corresponding measurements according to EN 1822. Features · Short testing times (approx. 10 seconds per filter) and extremely simple operation · The separation efficiency and filter resistance of the sample are determined in a sample clamp. · The plant process control computer carries out the test on its own according to the user's specifications. · The test is carried out automatically according to the specified test standards, either with a fixed or different volumetric flows, with uniform or different aerosol concentrations or with uniform or different flow directions. · The process control computer assesses the sample. · The only thing the operator has to do is insert and remove the sample.

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