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Modular Long Span Bridge/ Assembling Steel Panel Bridge ADVANTAGES

It is easy to install. Each part of the Bailey bridge is a standard machine made piece and is interchangeable among spans. Inmost cases, no heavy equipment is required to assemble or launch a Bailey bridge; only basic pioneer skills and equipment are needed.

It is highly mobile. All parts of the bridge can be transported to and from the bridge site by 5-ton dump trucks and trailers.

It is versatile. Standard parts can be used to assemble seven standard truss designs for efficient single spans up to 210 feet long and to build panel crib piers sup porting longer bridges. With minor non standard modifications, the expedient uses of bridge parts are limited only by the users imagination.

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Description | UN |
General Features | i. Longitudinal trusses composed by modular steel panels pinned end to end |
ii. Transversal girders spanning between the longitudinal trusses |
iii. Steel lane decked roadway (single lane) on top of the transversal girders |
As main features, the prefabricated bridge(s) shall have the subsequent distinctive features: | a. Rapidly modular design: components shall be fully interchangeable with all other of the same type |
b. Single lane roadway (clear width 4.2-4.5 m) |
c. Suitable for critical harsh environmental conditions:i. Temperatures: -20C to +60C.
ii. Wind Speeds: average 45 m/s, gusting to 60 m/s |
d. Design Loads: |
i. Load Class: 40 tons of tandem wheeled load (HS25-44 Highway Loading) |
ii. Effects of dynamic impact and vehicular eccentricity, wind, etc. (in accordance with Section 3 of the AASHTO or equivalent international standard) |
iii. Single lane bridges: be able to sustain a minimum 100,000 cycles of stress due to AASHTO HS25-44 truck (or equivalent international standard)or lane loading, including the effects of dynamic impact and vehicular eccentricity |
e. Rapidly erectable installation: |
i. Components shall be lifted and carried/lifted/installed by manpower alone, using appropriate tools where necessary |
ii. All connections to be made on site, utilizing pins/bolts easily installed with simple hand tools, (e.g. not use of special tools or on-site welding) |
iii. Modular span construction based on interconnected individual single span(s) with increment of 3 meters |
iv. Roadway with modular steel deck and pedestrian modular steel deck (optional) as cantilever fixed outside the bridge |
v. Cantilever installation method, launching the bridge across the gap without any temporary intermediate supports |
f. Easy packaging for transportation and loading/unloading:
i. Highly mobile
ii. Allowing bridge(s) de-launching
iii. Allowing bridge(s) dismantling |
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