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Conveyor Chain Carpet Backing Machine Asphalting And Subsequent Drying Production Line Description: 1) Specification: Machine can be made from width 120cm to 220cm 2) Property: International standard 3) Heating mode: Conduction oil 4) Oven: Hot-air circulation oven 5) Operating control system: Siemens ( including PLC, touch screen, converter, drive and hot air circulation high-temp resistant motor) 6) Temperature control system: optional Applications: The machine is intended for online operation of tufting, knifing, and nylon or PP fibre carpet back asphalting, subsequent drying as well as CNC cutting for sizes desired and more. Competitive Advantage: 1)International standard. 2)Applicable tufting, knitting, nylon or PP fibre carpet. 3)This machine can reduce your costs and improve production efficiency. 4)Bitumen carpet produced by this machine has the advantages of comfortable and durability. Specifications: - - - - Width | 120cm/220cm | Operating speed | 1-10m/min | Transmission mode | conveyor chain | Control mode | Frequency control | Heating mode | Conduction oil | Heating temp. | Auto constant temperature control 100-200 | Cooling temp. | Automatic water-cooling control in the range from 25-60 | Total power | Depending on the machine configuration | - - - -
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