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Coating and High-temperature drying non-woven fabric machine Description: 1) Specification: Machine can be made from width 220cm to 320cm 2) Property: International standard 3) Heating mode: Gas direct heating or conduction oil heating. 4) Oven: Hot-air circulation oven 5) Operating control system: Siemens ( including PLC, touch screen, converter, drive and hot air circulation high-temp resistant motor) 6) Temperature control system: optional Applications: Intended for coating and high-temperature. Drying and stentering of non-woven fabrics made perfect materials for automotive interior, filtering and industrial purposes and more. Competitive Advantage: 1)International standard. 2)Applicable non-woven glass fiber mat in the automobile industry 3)This machine can reduce your costs and improve production efficiency. Specifications: - - - - Width | 220-320cm | Operating speed | 3~12 m/min | Heating mode | Gas direct heating or conduction oil heating | Total power | Depending on the machine configuration | Oven temperature | 120-320 | - - - -
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