Vacuum Pack Machine Box Packaging Machine For Roll Paper With Core Separating

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Automatic Roll Paper Paper/Core Separator , Tissue Paper Packing Machine , For Roll Paper With Core Separating


It is suitable for separating paper from paper core in residual materials of cored roll toilet paper, making the recovery of waste paper convenient.

It has passed I S O 9 0 0 1 quality certification and CE certification. It has been used by many domestic and international enterprises such as APP,Fine, Nepia, Vinda, Deli, TRUECOLOR, BEIFA, brother, GLAD, etc. Also we can provide personalization design to meet the requirements of different customers.

Main performance and structural features:

1, Automatic material arranging, automatic conveying and automatic separating operations are carried out to realize the separation of paper from core

2,PLC control and variable frequency speed adjustment are adopted with simple and easy-to-learn setting operations

3,Checked belts are used for slope material arrangement, which is more effective and reliable

4,Cylinder positioning core removal is adopted, which is free of maintenance with simple structure.

Performance technical parameters:

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Item/model | OPF-30 |
Separation specification | Outside diameter | 125-90mm |
Length | 20-80mm |
Separating speed | 15-40 pieces/minute |
Total power | 0.37KW |
Power supply type | Three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz |
Machine noise | 80dB |
Air supply | 0.5-0.7 MPa |
Air consumption | 100-160L/min |
Outline dimensions | L2400W1200H1600mm |
Machine weight | About 200Kg |
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