Portable Replacement Bottle Water Filter Tap Water Filtration

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Portable replacement Bottle water filter Tap water filtration


Super 4-step filtration technology

Step 1: Micro Net

Eliminate suspended particles

Step 2: Ion-Exchange REsin(IER)

* Remove Heavy metals

Such as Led,cadmium,Copper,mercury,aluminum,

* Remove limescale

* Retain calcium,magnesium and mineral substance

Step 3: Silver Activated Carbon (SAC)

* Remove Chlorine

* Use high level quality carbon,for average chlorine remove 98%,test by US top lab.

* Remove teaste and odor

* Use high level performance silver loading carbon avoid bacteria growing.

* Improve taste of water.

Step 4: Micro Net

Net at base provides final filtration


1. Warnings

- This product is intended to filter tap water only.

- Do not put water of unknow quality into this product.

- Use water only between 0.5 to 29.4

- Before using the filter pitcher for the first time,check that the contents are complete,then wash and rinse the lid,inner vessel and pitcher.

Preparing the water filter cartridge

- Soak the filter cartridge upright in the water for 10 minutes

- Rinse the filter cartridge under running water for 10 seconds and insert cartridge gently into the funnel opening of the water filter pitcher

Fitting the filter into the inner vessel

- Place the inner vessel back into the filter pitcher ensuring the tallest part is facing towards the front.

- Fit the filter cartridge into the inner vessel pressing it down firmly to ensure a right seal.

- Put lid back on pitcher

- Fill the inner vessel with cold water and allow it to pass through the filter.Once it has been filtered,discard the water and repeat the process once more.

- Fill the inner vessel for a third time,your filter pitcher is now ready to use.


1. Top fiber carbon block,remove fine particles and chlorine

2. Perfect for outdoor sports.

3. Certification:CE ROHS, EMC,LFGB,France decree,BSI,FDA,ISO9001:2008

- - - -
Color | Any color available |
Logo | Silk printing |
Material | PP;Fiber block carbon |
Parts | Bottle,lid,filter |
Packing | Color box + Master carton |
Certificate | FDA |
Dishwash | Safe |
Microwave | No |
BPA | Free |
ECO | Friendly |
OEM | Provided |
- - - -


Set the filter into bottle lid,fill the bottle with water.

Squeeze the bottle,then it can filter out:

Suspended material

Heavy metal




1. Precise color matching

2. Silk logo printing on the pitcher to customize

3. Free design is supported by our design department

4. Durable and washable

5. All details including color,logo,size,weight can be customized.

Filter quality assurance

1. Best granular coconut activate carbon supplier,to ensure the material safety.

2. Ion-Exchange resin,with WQA testing for safety and top performance testing.

3. Anti-seepage design

Rubber O-ring introduced into each filter,avoid leaking problems for the pitcher.

With the O-ring,then it can fits most brands in the market.

4. Silver Activate carbon

With silver loading carbon to avoid bacteria growing.

5. Micro Net at the base provides final filtration.To avoid leaking issues.

Payment terms

- - - -
T/T | 30% as deposit . 70% against the BOL water filter housing |
L/C | 30% T/T & 70% L/C at sight water filter housing |
W.U | Total amount is under 5000 usd , will accept W.U |
O/A D/P | After we build a reliable business relationship , O/A |
- - - -


1.Perfect kitchen helper

Bluetech filtered water,can filter the heavy metal and limescale in tap water,say goodbye to limescale forever.More delicious foods,better taste soup,better taste water.

2.Better care for Mother and Babies

Bluetech water filter pitcher,filter the tap water directly,after purified by smart filter cartridge,the heavy metal and chlorine in water had been filtered,retain the helpful mineral substance to babies.

3.Better water for tea making

With Bluetech filtered water,your tea can be more clear and better taste,bring better joy to your life.

Bluetech smart filter removes the odor and harmful substance like chlorine,heavy metals and contaminated things in water,at the same time it reduces the hardness of water,reduce the PH into medium,re-nature the water.With great taste water,just like spring,its the best choice for tea.


1.Rich experience in the drinks and beverage industry.

2.Professional R&D team

3.Strict inspection team and third party inspection service.

4.QC and CSR audit and reporting for related manufacturers

5.Good price with good quality

6.Fast delivery

7.Good after sales service and 1 year warranty.

8.Full set of certification for US and Europe market


1. What is your MOQ?

It is 6000pcs for filter bottles

2. What is the capacity of this bottle?

It is 650ml capacity bottle

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