Carbon Block Mineral Water Filter Remove Chlorine Improving Water Taste

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Carbon block mineral water filter remove chlorine improving water taste


1.Perfect kitchen helper

Bluetech filtered water,can filter the heavy metal and limescale in tap water,say goodbye to limescale forever.More delicious foods,better taste soup,better taste water.

2.Better care for Mother and Babies

Bluetech water filter pitcher,filter the tap water directly,after purified by smart filter cartridge,the heavy metal and chlorine in water had been filtered,retain the helpful mineral substance to babies.

3.Better water for tea making

With Bluetech filtered water,your tea can be more clear and better taste,bring better joy to your life.

Bluetech smart filter removes the odor and harmful substance like chlorine,heavy metals and contaminated things in water,at the same time it reduces the hardness of water,reduce the PH into medium,re-nature the water.With great taste water,just like spring,its the best choice for tea.

Fresh Alkaline Water vs. Bottled Alkaline Water

Alkaline water made by the Bluetechtastes sweeter and more refreshing than alkalized bottled water that has been sitting on a store shelf and can cost up to $8 per gallon. Now you can make your own fresh alkaline water for less than 50 cents per gallon. Also, this Bluetech is a great alternative to expensive Ionizer Machines that can cost upwards of $4,000.

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Color | Any color available |
Logo | Silk printing |
Material | PP;Fiber block carbon |
Parts | Bottle,lid,filter |
Packing | Color box + Master carton |
Certificate | FDA |
Dishwash | Safe |
Microwave | No |
BPA | Free |
ECO | Friendly |
OEM | Provided |
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1.Rich experience in the drinks and beverage industry.

2.Professional R&D team

3.Strict inspection team and third party inspection service.

4.QC and CSR audit and reporting for related manufacturers

5.Good price with good quality

6.Fast delivery

7.Good after sales service and 1 year warranty.

8.Full set of certification for US and Europe market

Bluetech alkaline water bottlesbenefits

1. Adds calcium, magnesium and potassium to water

2. Raises pH to healthful levels, 9.0 10.0

3. Adds Antioxidant Oxidation Reduction Potential (negative ORP) reducing free radicals

4. Helps eliminate acid waste from the body

5. Helps prevent illness resulting from a lifetime of acid waste accumulation

6. Helps prevent premature aging due to excess acidity in the body

7. Utilizes advanced filtration technology

8. Enhances the bio-availability of minerals and other nutrients

9. Water tastes sweeter and more refreshing

Makes alkaline water affordable for all budgets

Company advantages

1. We owned our own professional lab,and all the equipment for testing filters.We will test the quality of every batch of goods under the standard of WQA and TUV.

2. Our own mould room,to ensure the mould working correctly.And can customize your own design if you have high volume quantity.

3. More than 30 sets of injection machine. Large capacity of producing.

4. More filter choices.Filters suits Europe,Filters suits USA,Filters suits Asia water...Different filters for different market.

5. Working with most famous clients in Europe and USA,and also in China.Have related auditing from most clients.


Super 7-step filtration technology

1. Mineralized

Releases mineral elements(such as Ca,Fe,K,Na,Mg,Si),which are required for growth,repair and regulation of vital body function.

2. Ionized

It turns the water into a powerful ANTIOXIDANT, which removes free radicals,enhances immunity and delays aging.

3. Energized

Reduces the size and shape of the water molecule cluster,which can pass through our cells more easily;

And as it hydrates body tissues,it pushes our toxins or anything else that do not belong.

4. Alkalinize

Create a major impact in balancing the bodys pH.

One of the keys to great health is keeping the body pH properly balanced.


1. Do you have bacteria removing filters?

Yes,we had introduced very high precision UF filters.And after purify,the water can be drink directly.

2. Can your filter removes lead?

Yes,we have lead removing filters.besides this,also fluoride removing filters available.

3. What is your payment terms?

Normally 30% as deposit,70% against BL.And can negotiate if you have third party payment banks.

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