13cm Lace Cut Paper Craft Scissors For 3 Year Olds 1.5 - 5.5mm Thickness

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13 cm lace cut can make special scissors cutting out all sorts of design pattern of DIY

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Commodity name: | 13 cm lace scissors |
size: | 13CM |
1 packaging: | 50pcs |
1 Carton: | 30DZ |
Carton packaging size: | The length of the51cm The width of the51CM highly50cm |
Use a function: | The classroom is decorated, Sponge paper roses , craft ideas, background, The wedding arrangement, The carpet layout |
Property: | A good healthy environmental protection Eva multi-purpose function |
The material: | flash paper |
tem No: | HB-JD-13CM |
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Color card table A total of 7 color

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NO.1 Yellow + red | NO.5 Pink + yellow |
NO.2 Mei red + blue lake | NO.6 Green + red |
NO.3 White and green | NO.7 Lake blue + pink |
NO.4Green + pink | |
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Please leave a message need color remark |
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The name of the:13 cm lace scissors
specifications: The total length13cm Scissors to 5 cm
The material: Plastic + iron
we have normal type,The size of the need to also can be customized
pliant and resilient,making it easy to fit.Flexible, Feel free to make,The structure arrangement
It can make many kinds of shapes, A square

Warm prompt (* ^ __ ^ *)
About the bouquet:
Manufacturer direct FCL shipments, no fragrance, together with plastic bag, After you receive will have the smell of EVA, this is normal phenomenon, EVA material is environmental protection material, Harmless to health, safe non-toxic, please be assured that use. Mind please take carefully, do not accept because of the heavy smell of bad review, thank you dear friends understand. Fragrance smell after use ah, (* ^ __ ^ *) Suggest the dear friends, after receipt of the goods can be put in ventilated place a open the package,

The unit price for 1 piece price thank you for coming, thank you!Factory direct sale packaging for all 100 copies within 10 cases a bag!There is a large amount of absolute advantage!!More than 10 cases for a pack of ten suitable for retail, wholesale!

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Additionally, we create our own designs every year, and we can apply patents at home and

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