White Crystal Solid Acid for Textile Industry as Buffer Agent in Chemical Specia

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White Crystal Solid Acid for Textile Industry as Buffer Agent in Chemical Specialties

Product Introduction:

It is a buffer agent for adjusting the pH value

Advantages when compared with Acetic Acid:

1. higher purity: generally, the Acetic Acid will content the hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid that may cause damage to Spandex. And it is not easy to get 100% pure Acetic Acid.

2. better buffering effects and stable pH.

3. better working place: Acetic Acid will volatilize and cause environment pollution and harm to health

4. no effects to the color of fabric: the color will be reddish after using the Acetic Acid while AMD have no effects to it.

Product Features:

1. dissolved quickly

2. assist to protect the damage caused by the residual chlorine

3. prevent the accumulation of irony to avoid the yellowing

4. applied to all kind of common fabrics

5. no moisture absorption at room temperature

6. non-volatile and no off smell

Product Application:

According to the residual alkali and irony, the general dose is 1-3 gram for 1kg garments.

If the alkali density is too high, the dose can be adjusted to 3-10 gram.


--store at a cool, shady and ventilate place

--shelf life 18 months in the sealed container

Overseas and Domestic Market:

It is one of best sellers in China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia etc.

Our Main Products:

we are the supplier and manufacturer:

1. textile enzymes: amylase; neutral cellulase enzyme; acid cellulase enzyme; catalase etc.

2. textile auxi: ABS; disperse agent; detergent; softeners; resin; fastness improver

3. textile specialties: anti pilling agent; APEO remover; organic acid; anti ozone silicone oil; Spandex protector and so on.
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