Large Internal Space Rotary Ash Cooler Inlet Slag Device Easy Maintain

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Inlet the slag device ,Its used for the Rotary Ash Cooler: Origin: China Brand: Qingdao Kechengyi Introduction: slag into the device by the slag into the mouth, into the tube, slag, sealing device, etc into slag enclosure, boiler slag through the tube into the slag slag inlet flow into the cylinder of slag cooler, into a negative pressure tuyere slag enclosure, sealing device through the screw to prevent slag ash leakage. Installation Instruction of theRotary Ash Cooler: Place the ash cooler on the flat ground with bearing capacity higher than 6000Pa, (anchor bolt is not necessary), then place embedded iron on the ground for the four corners of the ash cooler stand, and weld the locating iron on the embedded iron to prevent moving when the ash cooler is set on the right place When the foundation is higher than the ground, pour two longitudinal or four transverse plain concrete strip foundations with strength more than C30 on the ground. When the left type and right type ash cooler are arranged next to each other, for the convenient maintenance and repair, the drive motor should be arranged at the outer side, which means put the left type ash cooler at the left side, and the right type at the right side. GTL series single drum ash cooler Advantages: Large output, which can reach 80t/h at the maximum Large internal space, which is convenient for inspection and easy for maintenance with a low cost. High-temperature resistance compensator: 1, High temperature resistance, and the temperature1200 2, Large compensation, which can satisfy the X and Y direction expansion of 300MW, and 600MW CFB boiler 3, Good wearing resistance, especially suitable for high temperature ash/slag condition, and the service life is no shorter than 2 years 4,Convenient to install, and easy to maintain.

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