High Precision Optical Prism Penta Prisms For Alignment Optical Tooling 425nm -

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Precision Optical Prism Penta Prisms For Alignment Optical Tooling

Penta Prisms


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DimensionalTolerance(mm) | 0.10 |
SurfaceAccuracy() | |
SurfaceQuality | 60-40 |
AngleTolerance(arcminutes) | 5 |
Bevel | Protectivebevelasneeded |
Substrate | N-BK7 |
Coating | VIS0&Aluminized |
TypicalEnergyDensityLimit | Entrance&ExitFaces:5J/cm2@532nm,10ns
ReflectingSurfaces:0.3J/cm2@532&1064nm,10ns |
WavelengthRange(nm) | 425-675 |
Type | PentaPrism |
RayDeviation() | 90 |
ImageOrientation | Right-Handed |
CoatingSpecification | Entrance&ExitFaces:Ravg0.4%@425-675nm
ReflectingSurfaces:Ravg>85%@400-700nmw/BlackOverpaint |
RoHS | Compliant |
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Penta Prisms are used to define right angles in optical systems. Penta Prisms, which provide right handed images, feature a ray deviation of 90. Penta Prisms are five-sided prisms are unaffected by slight movements. GIAI Optics offers a variety of Penta Prisms for optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Infrared (IR) spectrums.

GIAI Optics features the worlds largest inventory of off-the-shelf optical components, including a wide range of Prisms. GIAI Optics Penta Prisms are offered mounted or unmounted, or in N-BK7 or UV Fused Silica Substrates. C-Mounted Penta Prisms are ideal for easy integration into C-Mount systems. These Prisms are mounted in black, anodized aluminum housings with two female C-Mount apertures. N-BK7 Penta Prisms, which are ideal for applications in the visible spectrum, are offered in a range of sizes or anti-reflection coating options, including MgF2 or VIS 0. UV Fused Silica Penta Prisms are offered uncoated or with a UV-AR anti-reflection coating. UV Fused Silica Penta Prisms are ideal for applications in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Near-Infrared (NIR).

Penta prisms are five-sided prisms featuring a ray deviation of 90 and a right handed image. The reflecting surfaces are aluminized for increased efficiency. Slight movement of the prism does not affect the true right angle at which light rays are reflected, making a penta prism the ideal optical tool for defining a right angle in an optical system. N-BK7 Penta Prisms are made from precision N-BK7 for use in a variety of visible light applications.

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