Enhanced Aluminum Flat Mirror / Laser Mirrors For Decorative

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Enhanced Aluminum Flat Mirror / Laser Mirrors For Decorative

Flat Mirrors


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Diameter(mm) | 5.0 |
DimensionalTolerance(mm) | 0.25 |
ClearAperture(%) | 85 |
Thickness(mm) | 2.0 |
ThicknessTolerance(mm) | 0.25 |
SurfaceAccuracy() | 1/4@632.8nm |
SurfaceQuality | 60-40 |
Edges | Ground,0.75mmMaximumFullWidthBevel |
Substrate | BOROFLOAT |
CoatingSpecification | Ravg>95%@450-650nm |
TypicalEnergyDensityLimit | 0.2J/cm2@532nm,10ns |
WavelengthRange(nm) | 450-650 |
Type | FlatMirror |
Coating | EnhancedAluminum |
RoHS | Compliant |
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Flat Mirrors are Optical Mirrors designed for a variety of applications, including beam steering or folding, interferometry, or as optical components within imaging systems. Additionally, Flat Mirrors are ideal for lab or OEM integration. Surface accuracy is a measurement of the roughness of the surface. High surface accuracy decreases the amount of light lost through dispersion.

GIAI Optics offers a wide selection of Optical Mirrors, including standard or precision Flat Mirrors. Standard Flat Mirrors feature the largest selection of substrates, sizes, or surface accuracies. These mirrors are available with standard metallic mirror coatings, including Aluminum, Gold, Silver, or Dielectric. Precision Flat Mirrors are available in either Fused Silica or Zerodur substrates. Zerodur is ideal for applications where temperature fluctuation is a concern. Reflection coating options include Aluminum, Gold, or Silver. To increase durability, a protective layer of dielectric overcoat has been applied to the metallic coatings.

First Surface Mirrors are ideal for a wide range of applications. To meet specific application needs, these mirrors are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and coatings. Featuring our precision metallic mirror coatings, these mirrors are ideal for broadband applications.

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