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3400W High Power LesiteHot Air Gun for Flex Banner

We are a Professional Export Trade company , sale many kinds of machine and materials about the Advertising Industry .

Our company sale many kinds of Flex / PVC Banner Weldind machine and spare parts .


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Product Name | LST3400 hot air gun |
Power | 3400 W |
Voltage | 230V |
Air volume | Max 360L/Min |
Frequency | 50-60HZ |
Temperature | 20700 distance adjustable |
Air pressure | 3200 pa |
Noise level | 65 db |
Weight | 1.35 kg |
Nozzle size | 70mm |
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Welding of thermoplastic materials as well as single-ply flexible plastics and modified bitumen in the form of boards, tubes, profiles, lining membranes, coated materials, films, foams, tiles and sheets. The following procedures are possible: overlap welding, welding with rod, with tape, butt welding and melt welding.

For foaming, ending and sealing of the thermoplastic semi-finished materials and plastic granules.

Drying of water-damp surfaces.

Shrinking of heat-shrink sleeves, films, tapes, solder sleeves, preformed and mould part.

Soldering of copper pipes, solder joints and metal foils.

Defrosting of frozen water pipes.

Activating and dissolving of solvent free adhesive and fusion adhesives

Igniting of wood shavings, paper, coal or straw in furnaces

Service and repairs :

Clean polluted air filter with a small brush or replace it

Clean welding nozzle with a steel brush

Check mains cable and plug for electrical and mechanical damage.

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Warning : Unplug the tools before opening it. Incorrect use of hot-air blowers can cause fire and explosion hazard, expecially near combustible materials and explosive gases Do not touch heater tube and nozzle when they are hot. They may cause burns.Do not point hot air flow in the direction of people or animals |
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Caution: The voltage rating stated on the tool must correspond to line/mains voltage For personal protecting on the building site, we strongly recommend the tool be connected to a GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)or a RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) The tool much be operated with supervision. Heat can reach combustible materials which are out of sight. Protect tools from damp and wet |
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Changeable nozzles: Do not touch the hot nozzle and make sure to place it on a heat resistant surface because of the fire hazard.. Put the nozzle on the heater tube and secure the nozzle by the screw on the cap. Use original nozzles only. |
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