Universal CNC Cutting Tools Accessory ER25UM 25 Clamping Diameter Spanner Wrench

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Universal CNC Cutting Tools Accessory ER25UM 25 Clamping Diameter Spanner Wrenches

. FeaturesAndAdvantages

# # 42mm Clamp Diameter Size, 207mm total length.
# With 0.15KG N.W. per piece.
# Customers are able to use own logo on products.
# Nice after-sales service.

. TechnicalParametes

- - - -
ProductName | HS-ER25UM Spanner Wrenches |
ClampingRange | 42/50/64 mm |
ProductMaterial | Special Steel |
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. Product Introduction

Order Available Items

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Item | Model Number | A | L | Net Weight |
ER type Spanner | HS-ER25UM | 42 | 207 | 0.15 kg |
HS-ER32UM | 50 | 250 | 0.28 kg |
HS-ER40UM | 64 | 290 | 0.42 kg |
- - - -

.Overview forHIPPSC Products

HS-ER25UM 207mm Total Length And 0.15kg Weight CNC Spanner Wrenches.

HighSpeed GER, GSKToolHolder forCNCWorking.


Threaded ToolHolder.

Pull Type and SideLock Arbors.

Special ToolHolder forMirrorFinishing.

MorseTaper / TaperingToolHolder.


Drilling Chuck ToolHolder.

Torque TappingChuck and Collet.

ER, SK, Hydraulic, Backlock, FloatingtappingCollet
Torque Spanner Wrenches.

ER, SK, Pull type, Shrinkfit, ExtensionRod.

Nuts, Pullstud, BoltBlindrivet, Spindletaperwiper and Testbar.




Cutterhead/Cutterheard/bar, face milling cutter.

BT/BBT/SK/CAT/HSK/ISO/NT Spinder Type Tool Holder/Shank/Arbor.
Indexable Tools.

. Shipment By Sea; By Air; By Train/Truck. TNT, EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx.

. Packing

PE Bag.
Plastic Box
Carton Box.

Other Materials

Rust Presensitive Oil.
Adhesive Tape.
Packing Belt.

. Warehouse

Sufficient Inventory For All Standard Products to Guarantee On-time Delivery.
All Materials and Products Must Be Inspected and CheckedStrictly andCarefully
By IQC and OQCOperater Before Being Shipped Out.
Using Special Equipment and GaugeTo Check Technical Parameters.

. Manufacturing and Sales Service

Manufacturing with Professional and Precise Equipments UnderExperienced Workers.
OEM and ODM Service Are All Available Here, Produce To Customer's Need/Requirement.
Professional Serving Team Provides One-Stop Considerate and Satisfying Service To You.
Mr. Frank Wang

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