Black Automotive Pressure Transducer For The Great Wall Series Brilliance China

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EPIC 1168 Automotive Pressure Transducer The Great Wall Series Brilliance china 4A9

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1 Model:1168

2 OEM:

3 Car Make:Brilliance china 4A9

4 Remarks:

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Name | Transducer |
P.N | 1168 |
OEM | |
Apply To | Brilliance china 4A9 |
Remarks | |
Packaging | Neutral or as customer requirements |
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Product Name | Auto Transducer |
OEM | |
Materials | PA66-GF30 |
Type | Cooling System |
Quality | Produce According to ISO9001/TS 16949 Standard and CE |
MOQ | 100PCS |
Package | Neutral or according to customer's request |
Shipment | Within 10-15 days |
Warranty | 12 Months |
Aftersales | Immedidate after-sales service |
Payment | L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram |
Port | Shanghai or any Chinese Port |
Surface Finish | Aftermarket |
Delivery | By Courier:3-7 Working days by special offer |
By Air:Within 7 Working days at appointed |
By Sea:20-25 Working days at appointed port |
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Product's Informations

Can be provided to the feelings of measurement and according to certain rules into the device or devices available signal usually consists of sensitive components and conversion components. I can complete the transmission, sensor information processing, storage, display, record and control multiple requirements, with miniaturization, digitization, intelligent and other functions, is the first ring automation.

Product's Type:
1: Gas concentration sensor
2: Speed of revolution sensor
3: Speed sensor
4: Engine oil pressure sensor

5: Water temperature sensor

6: Air flow sensor

7: ABS sensor

Product's Function:

1: Magnetoelectric effect

2: Holzer effect

3: Piezoelectric effect

4: Photoelectric effect

5: Thermoelectric effect

Different positions on the automobile sensor principle and Application

1 The outside temperature sensor principle

The outside temperature sensor generally made of thermistor, when the outside temperature changes when the resistance change. High resistance at low temperature, high temperature resistance is small

2 The intside temperature sensor principle

The car using the same temperature sensor thermistor material, with negative temperature coefficient characteristics. Generally installed at the lower part of the dashboard, and the air pipe connected to the air conditioning and ventilation pipe, when the airflow through the rapidly, the vacuum will introduce air temperature sensor inside the car

3 Sun sensor principle

The sun sensor made of light emitting diode or battery,By induction sunlight intensity of vehicle,

But it is not the temperature.through Often mounted on top of the dashboard

4 Evaporator temperature sensor

Evaporator temperature sensor is usually installed in the evaporator fins, to accurately sense the temperature of the evaporator, using the same thermistor manufacturing, with negative temperature coefficient

5 The principle of photoelectric type crankshaft and camshaft position sensor

6 The principle of magnetic induction sensor

a:Approach b:Alignment c:Depart from 1:The information of rotor 2:Sensor coil

Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A:Yes,we're factory

Q: How to control the quality and how to solve the quality problems?

A: We guarantee 8 months with quality and if have any qulity problems we will send new for free

Q: How's the delivery

A: We send by any transportion you choose

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