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EPIC Volkswagen Series JETTA BORA LAVIDA Model 6014 Reversing light switch

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1 Model:6014

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Name | Reversing light switch |
P.N | 6014 |
OEM | |
Remarks | |
Packaging | Neutral or as customer requirements |
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Product Name | Reversing light switch |
OEM | |
Materials | PA66-GF30 |
Type | Cooling System |
Quality | Produce According to ISO9001/TS 16949 Standard and CE |
MOQ | 100PCS |
Package | Neutral or according to customer's request |
Shipment | Within 10-15 days |
Warranty | 12 Months |
Aftersales | Immedidate after-sales service |
Payment | L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram |
Port | Shanghai or any Chinese Port |
Surface Finish | Aftermarket |
Delivery | By Courier:3-7 Working days by special offer |
By Air:Within 7 Working days at appointed |
By Sea:20-25 Working days at appointed port |
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Product's Informations

Switch for reversing light switch principle is normally open (often disconnected), reversing light switch when hang reverse, mechanical switch contact pressure, closed circuit, reverse lights, reverse tone sound. When disengaged from the reverse gear, switch contact bounce, reverse lamp circuit and off state

Product's Function:

1 The reversing light switch of the tractor is generally installed in the transmission, the trigger switch for reversing light through a transmission rod. The pits on the work, due to continuous high temperature transmission, easy insulation rubber aging failure switch, and the switch capacity is small. Under normal circumstances, the two headlights and tail of the tractor reversing buzzer at the same time when the current through the switch to 7A, high temperature contacts prone to spark and burn. The original switch for reversing light service life is only a month, because of the location of the installation space is small, the replacement is not convenient, time-consuming and laborious.

2 WhenImproving, the original reversing light switch is replaced by the travel switch is installed at the end of the stroke of the handle in reverse, so that it moves away from the transmission, reduce the influence of temperature on the back end of the handle, and the welding of a small iron plate in order to trigger switch; the main circuit in the stroke switch with 1 24V relay, when the trigger is closed, the relay coil in the back EMF of the protection of the contacts, and can let the two reverse current headlamps through large capacity relay, to ensure the normal work of the reversing light. The headlight improved the service life of the switch can be extended to a year and a half, reduce the failure rate, reduce downtime.

The working process and principle


When the transmission link into the,The reversing light switch contacts,Reversing and reversing buzzer

The circuit is switched on, reversing light, buzzer; when the transmission from the reverse gear, reversing light switch contacts open,Reversing and reversing buzzer circuit is cut off, the reversing light is,extinguished, the buzzer stops known

Santana car reversing lamp circuit

A--Battery S15--Blown fuse F4--Reversing light switch M17,M16--Reversing light

D--Ignition switch

Working process

Battery + central terminal box P1 central terminal box P2 ignition switch 30 ignition switch 15 central terminal box A8 insurance S15 central terminal box C20 lamp switch F4 central terminal box C21 central terminal box E21 lamp M16, M17 iron battery

When the transmission link into forward gear, reversing light switch, reversing lights extinguished


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