1 Year Warranty High / Low Pressure Transducer Turn Power Switch 1J0 919 081

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EPIC Volkswagen Series BORA GOLF MAZDA Turn Power Switch 2033 OEM 1J0 919 081

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1 Model:2033

2 OEM:1J0 919 081


4 Remarks:Connect pressure 4.00.5 Mpa

Disconnect pressure 2.80.8 Mpa

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Name | Turn Power Switch |
P.N | 2033 |
OEM | 1J0 919 081 |
Remarks | |
Packaging | Neutral or as customer requirements |
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Product Name | Turn Power Switch |
OEM | 1J0 919 081 |
Materials | PA66-GF30 |
Type | Cooling System |
Quality | Produce According to ISO9001/TS 16949 Standard and CE |
MOQ | 100PCS |
Package | Neutral or according to customer's request |
Shipment | Within 10-15 days |
Warranty | 12 Months |
Aftersales | Immedidate after-sales service |
Payment | L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram |
Port | Shanghai or any Chinese Port |
Surface Finish | Aftermarket |
Delivery | By Courier:3-7 Working days by special offer |
By Air:Within 7 Working days at appointed |
By Sea:20-25 Working days at appointed port |
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Product's Informations

The automobile steering system with steering can be divided into mechanical energy steering system and power steering system two.The mechanical steering systemThe system is to rely on the driversteering force of the steering wheel to wheel steering;The power steering system is under the control of the driver elementUnder the,With the help of liquid pressure generated by the automobile engine or motor driven force to achieve the vehicle steering.So called power steering system

As the steering power amplifier device

Product's Function

This switch is used to judge the driver steering intention, assisted steering hydraulic system to control the steering signal according to the perceived, so as to achieve the purpose of steering light, if the switch is broken, the hydraulic system may be only one side direction to light, another side to the direction of play without power


When the steering wheel, the direction is in the middle, the oil is not directly back from any direction of the piston (not to push the piston, this is no power), the pressure switch is turned off

Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: Yes,we're factory

Q: How to control the quality and how to solve the quality problems?

A: We guarantee 8 months with quality and if have any qulity problems we will send new for free

Q: How's the delivery

A: We send by any transportion you choose

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