China Plastic Grade Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder

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Brand Name: barry
Model Number: BR-1500
Place of Origin: jiangxi
MOQ: 20gp
Color: WHITE
Certificate: SGS ISO

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This product adopts the high quality superfine heavy calcium carbonate, the modified agent for surface treatment of fatty acid and coupling agent activation; its characteristic is high whiteness, good lipophilicity, easy dispersion in organic polymer, and effectively improve the processing performance, reduce the production cost. Four, the main role of the product In the rubber industry can improve the dispersion performance and product release performance, increase the surface finish and tortuosity of the product, but also can improve the processing performance and physical and mechanical properties of products. The use of flexibility, strength and stability, but also can improve the plastic products in the plastics industry to improve the processing performance of products, greatly increase the filling quantity, reduce die wear, surface treatment with tensile strength and impact strength of calcium carbonate filler in plastics and rubber was significantly higher than that without surface treatment of calcium carbonate filling system, and in the process of processing kneading time, improve production efficiency.

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