D Type Ip65 Fiber Optic Cross Connect Cabinet 144 Core - 576 Core

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D Type Ip65 Fiber Optic Cross Connect Cabinet 144 Core - 576 Core

With the large-scale construction of FTTH,the demand of fiber optical in user side increases continuously.The traditional Fiber Optic Cross Connecting Cabinet still has some problems in cabinet size,capacity,operation& maintenance convenience.In order to solve these bottlenecks,our company developed the new type Free From Jumper Fiber Optic Cross Connecting Cabinet.This kind of cabinet conect with trunk by splitter in direct splicing way which avoid distribution cable connect with trunk cable by jumper,so called free from jumper type.

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type | Size mm(h*w*d) | capacity |
GXF5-159/C1-576 | 1480*750*550 | 576core(SUS double side) |
GXF5-159/C1-288 | 1480*750*300 | 288core(SUS) |
GXF5-159/C1-144 | 1040*570*300 | 144core(SUS) |
GXF5-159/D1-576 | 1480*750*550 | 576core(SUS double side) |
GXF5-159/D1-288 | 1480*750*300 | 288core(SUS) |
GXF5-159/D1-144 | 1040*570*300 | 144core(SUS) |
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Technical parameters:

Operation Conditions:

Work Temperature: -40+55

Relative humidity:95%(+30)

Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106 KPa

Photoelectric property

Insertion loss: 0.2dB

return loss:PC45 dB UPC50dB APC60dB

Isolation resistance between high voltage protection place and frame 20000M(DC500V)

withstand voltage between high voltage protection place and frame 3000V(DC)/1min (no puncture,no flashover)

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