Professional Audio Concert Sound System Durable With 96dB/M/W Sensitivity

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Single 15 In Black Box 75x 50 450 W PRO Audio Full Range Speaker (SRX-715)


1. SRX-715 Componented by 1pc 15" high quaity comppression driver units with 1pcs 1.75" compression

driver units. It is clear at longer distances, the SPL is stable at very high levels;It is two-way passive sound

reinforcement speaker with careful acoustic design and innovative transducers technology.

2. Superb bass punch is guaranteed by the high power 15 low distortion woofer.

3. SRX series is high performance, wide bandwidth system in an incredibly compact and efficent

package.Extended frequency response is provided by high efficency LF driver teamed with 1"(25mm) exit

compression driver mounted on a 75x50 degree constant directivity HF horn.

4. The SRX series is perfect for higher power applications whereease of installation or speed of

deployment are important factors.


Live performance for both indoor and outdoor andNightclub installations

High-level music palyback.

High-performance satellite speaker for use with subwoofers

Reinforcement of music and speech in entertainment or AV applications

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Model: SRX-715

System: 2-way loudspeaker system

Frequency response (3dB):55Hz~20 KHz

System sensitivity (1w@1m): 96dB/M/W

Nominal Impedance: 8ohms

Power handling: 400W

Maximum SPL: 131dB

Peak power: 1600W

Nominal Coverage angle (H x V): 75x 50

Dimensions (W x D x H):711x439x406mm/PCS

Connectors: 2xSpeakon| connectors (NL 4)

Enclosure material: 15mm Plywood

Finish: Textured black paint

Grille: Black perforated steel

SRX-715 Applications:

1) Bar and club live or pre-recorded sound reinforcement

2) High-performance satellite speaker for use with subwoofers andKTV sound reinforcement

3)Live musicand Clubs and Fixed Installations and Stage monitoring

SRX-715 Specifiction:

- - - -
SRX-715 Specification |
Model | SRX-715 |
Type | 15" 2-way full range speaker |
Frequency response | 43Hz-20KHz |
Sensitivity | 96dB/M/W |
Norminal impedance | 8Ohm |
RMS power | 400W |
Program power | 800W |
Max SPL | 136dB |
Coverage angle | 75H x 50V |
Components | 15" + 1.75" |
Dimension | 711x439x406mm |
- - - -

SRX700 sereis specification:

- - - -
SRX700 Specification |
Model | SRX-712M | SRX-715 | SRX-725 | SRX-728 |
Type | 12" 2-way full range speaker | 15" 2-way full range speaker | Dual15" 2-way full range speaker | Dual18" Ssubwoofer |
Frequency response | 70Hz-20KHz | 43Hz-20KHz | 37Hz-20KHz | 27Hz-220KHz |
Sensitivity | 96dB/M/W | 96dB/M/W | 99dB/M/W | 98dB/M/W |
Norminal impedance | 8Ohm | 8Ohm | 4Ohm | 4Ohm |
RMS power | 350W | 400W | 750W | 1600W |
Program power | 700W | 800W | 1500W | 3200W |
Max SPL | 131dB | 136dB | 136dB | 136dB |
Coverage angle | 90H x 50V | 75H x 50V | 75H x 50V | |
Components | 12"+ 1.75" | 15" + 1.75" | 15"x2 + 1.75" | 18"X2 |
Dimension | 349X546X260mm | 711x439x406mm | 1219x541x508mm | 1067x602x838mm |
- - - -

Let's know your requirements on the system or tell us what kind of applications they are, we will offer you one solution---send you one sheet with models,quantity and cost of the products(loudspeakers, amplifiers, processors, cables, connectors, flight cases, rack.....) for your project. Various package available for your projects of different scale.

Quality is our culture.
With us your business in safe, your money in safe.

We can offer you:
# 1) Competitive advantage products
# 2) Factory price
# 3) Confidentiality agreement
# 4) Quality assurance contract
# 5) After-sales service 24*7

Our Unique Advantage:

1. Small order accept

2. Green Paint, low pollution

3. Flat aluminum wire for the woofer

4. All are textured, durable plywood

5. Import loudspeaker cone, Good elasticity for woofer

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