Bioscouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Agent Chemicals and Formulated Surfactant 8

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Bioscouring Enzyme Textile Auxiliary Agent Chemicals and Formulated Surfactant 829

Bioscouring Agent 829

Chemical Composition

Formulated surfactant

Field of Application

Applied to semi-bleaching process of cotton yarn and knitted fabric

Technical Specification

Appearance: white or pale yellow powder

PH value: 11.5 0.5 ( 0.1% solution )

Solubility : dissolved in water in room temperature


Cotton yarn and knitted fabric treated with 829 have high hydrophilicity and capillarity and their dye yield are 5~10% higher than traditional process

Treated cotton yarn , knitting fabric have high whiteness , smooth surface , full and soft handle

Less damage to cotton fibre and less weight loss ( 0.5~1% ) than traditional process

Fabric after scouring and bleaching are easier to be clean , shorten washing times, process time and save energy


Dosage: 1) 829 : 1.5 2 g/L

2) H2O2 (50%) : 3 ~ 5 g/L

3) Liquor ratio : 1 : 10 ~ 15

Process: one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads

Suggested process : 98 ~ 100, 60 min, washing in hot water , acidic neutralizing bath ,rinsing in cold water

Storage and Packing

Shelf life: 12 months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse

Packing: 120kg plastic drum
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