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Jam filing machine USES: The machine is according to different objects of physical characteristics of different industries process requirement and research and development of products. Small electric vacruum semi liquids irrigation installed with characteristic of compact structure and operating easily, mainly used to quantitative filling for apple jam. bakery jam and paste Filing range: 1, Filing quantity of adjusting range by 100-- 1250g arbitrary regulation. 2. The user should adjust the filling quantity according to need, loosen nut, then turn the metrological filling adjusting screw, can be adjusted. Features: 1, Measuing adjustment freely. high accuracy rate, error is less than 3 grams. 2, Accompanied by pedal switch freefy control fifing speed. 3, All adopt stainless steel materials, health, corrosion resistant, clean easily. Note: After use should be timely liquidation hopper and tube residue, protect mechanical clean lest reside deterioration or affect the normal use.

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