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HTF seasonings dedicated wok HTF seasonings dedicated wok Model: JL—YTZG With oil as a heat source, mainly for the hot pot seasoning, chili sauce and other seasonings fried fry production. Features: 1 .This product is stirred shovel pot, stirring to solve the oil drip pan shovel, feeding difficulties and difficult to clean out the problems in the country in the same industry leading position; 2.Circulating oil heating, warming fast easy to control the temperature, nutrients can ensure the material is not destroyed, the indicators have reached the production process requirements; 3.Agitator shaft drive using scraping the bottom under stirring. completely solve the problem of high viscosity materials stick pan. stir, stir no dead ends, so that the material mixed more fully; 4.Pot with external insulation structure, control heat evaporation. energy saving: 5.Automatic discharge system, pot tilt control system using the circuit no noise, can be tilted to any angle.

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