Boxed Napkin Paper Production Paper Napkin Making Machine For Non Woven Fabric

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Boxed Napkin Paper Production Paper Napkin Making Machine for Non Woven Fabric


Equipment for boxed paper napkin production, from raw materials by synchronous transmission belt transmission, automatic embossing, slitting, adsorption, cutting, mutual buckle type folding, left and right shift counter type, product output and finished product automatic completion.


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MachineModel | Qx-f |
ProductionRate | 1500-2000/Min |
InstalledPower | 8.5Kw |
DeviceDimensions(Mm) | 4000x1200x2100 |
Weight | 2400Kg |
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1 mining has always been the way, from raw materials through the synchronous transmission belt transmission, cutting, adsorption, cutting, cross buckle folding, left and right shift type count, product output to the finished product.

2 equipment using the original full vacuum adsorption technology to complete each other.

3 equipment adopts pneumatic circular knife cutting, cutting neat without burrs.

4 equipment with wide belt conveyor device and two control device, in order to ensure the folding of the finished size.

5 machine table and related to the product of all the parts of the use of stainless steel materials.

6 the equipment adopts imported frequency conversion speed control, electric parts and wiring is reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.

7 the whole structure is compact, high speed running smoothly, stable performance, simple operation, accord with health products production conditions, the new design concept, has been the domestic and foreign users.

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