Automatic Barreled Liquid Sealing Machine For Paper Napkin / Baby Wipes

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Automatic Barreled Liquid Sealing Machine for Paper Napkin / Baby Wipes


Using pneumatic filling valve, pump reflux liquid level control, heat seal cutting and shaping device adopts pneumatic control device, a liquid adding device, automatic cutting die device, automatic sealing and bonding device, automatic collection of waste membrane device, electrical appliances using imported PLC control, manual and automatic operation control.


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ModelNo. | QX-V |
Addliquidmode | Pumpreturn |
Productfeatures | Addprecision,sealingfirm |
Productsize | Dependingonthesizeofthetube,custommold |
Controlprogram | Programmablecontroller |
Usepower | Steppingmotor |
ProductionSpeed | Aregularoneoutof28two/mina42three/minute |
Power | 50HZ2.5-4.5KW220V |
Weight | About850-1300kg |
PowerSupply | 220v50hz2.5kw |
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1, The equipment uses the pneumatic valve filling, the pump sends back the way to control the liquid level, the filling quantity is accurate.

2, Equipment, thermal sealing and cutting device and plastic device are used in the pneumatic control device, the product is highly adjustable.

3, Equipment with liquid device, automatic film device, automatic sealing adhesive device, automatic receiving waste film device.

4, The device is not good adhesion, good stability, high production efficiency.

5, The use of imported equipment imported programmable controller, can be manual, automatic control operation.

6, The equipment table, the shell, the water bucket and the mold plate all adopt 304 high quality stainless steel material, has the extremely good corrosion resistance. The seal mold appearance Teflon non stick coating.

7, Eectrical control system wiring specifications reasonable, beautiful, stylish, easy to operate.

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