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50mm x 20M Snatch Strap Winch Extension 5 TON 4WD Recovery Tow Straps Description 50mm x 20M 5T Snatch Strap Winch Extension 5 TON 4WD Recovery Tow Straps Twelve Months Commercial Warranty With High Quality 100% Heat treated industrial polyester snatch strap . Reinforced eyes and seams with protector sleeves. Ideal design to extend the length of your winch cable when suitable anchor point is out of reach. DESCRIPTION Breaking Strength :5 Tons Size :20M(L) X 50mm(W) MATERIAL:Strong polyester - - - - WLL | Width | Length | Application | 2000kg | 50mm | 4m | For car,jeep | 2000kg | 50mm | 6m | For car,jeep | 3000kg | 50mm | 4m | For car,jeep | 3000kg | 50mm | 6m | For car,jeep | 4000kg | 50mm | 4m | For car,jeep | 4000kg | 50mm | 6m | For car,jeep | 8000kg | 50mm | 6m | For truck | 12000kg | 75mm | 6m | For truck | 15000kg | 75mm | 6m | For heavy truck | 20000kg | 100mm | 6m | For heavy truck | - - - - # Very small in size. Can be kept easily anywhere. # Does not damage vehicle like chain or wire ropes. # Helps removing vehicle immediately. # Very low in prices as compared to tow charges. # Peace of mind as backup is always there. # Anyone stuck is always ready to pull vehicle to side off road. # Manufactured as per strict EN standards. # Good solution for vehicles stuck in Traffic jams. # No need to wait for crane or recovery vehicle. # Easy to carry in glove box. Snatch Strap Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, Dahua snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilized 4WD when a second vehicle is present. The unique design of the strap allows it to stretch and return to its original length, aiding recovery and great reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage. Tow strap heavy duty With its 2"/50mm wide double layered polyester webbing, this Recovery Strap is designed for recovering standard road vehicles to off-road recovery. Our recovery tow straps are used by offroad clubs and road recovery services.Probably the strongest recovery straps on the market. Our polyester webbing straps are engineered for heavy duty applications and are of the highest quality webbing available.Folded and stitched loops on each end for easy D-ring shackle hook-up. 1) A kinetic "snatch" strap 2) a hookless static (non-stretch) strap 3) a static tree saver strap vehicle recovery can rip vehicles apart or worse, cause injuries. Make no mistake about it, a mistake during a vehicle recovery or tow operation can have serious injury or even deadly results. There are two basic strap characteristics. A "static" strap with minimal stretch is used as an anchor, perhaps wrapped around a tree or a rock or used as a winch extension. A "kinetic" strap that stretches slightly to help reduce shock during vehicle recovery, which also aids in recovery as the strap rebounds. This type of strap should not be used as a winch extension. We're now seeing a color coding standard evolving Kinetic (snatch/recovery) straps are now bright orange Static (tow/winch) straps are now bright green. [] [About us] [] [Nanjing Dahua Special Belt Knit Co.,Ltd is a professional Cargo and Lifting Manufacturer and Solution Supplier. We focus on sling and tie down production for more than 20 years and we keep extending the supply range to cover all cargo and lifting product to offer the one stop service for our clients. We offer you: - Full range of lifting and cargo lasing products - Excellent quality - Good price - Professional service We have rich project experiences of exporting to the US, Europe, Australia, and 60 other countries and regions around the world. Our factory based in Nanjing, offers the best transportation facilities and infrastructure in China - either by sea, land or air.] [] [We aim to provide the best prices, most on-time delivery and after-sales service on the market and look forward to adding you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.] [] - - - - [Full company name] | [Nanjing dahua special belt knit Co.,Ltd] | [Register date:] | [1993-01-01] | [Business License No.] | [91320100608919015B] | [Tax No.] | [320112608919015] | [Customs Registration No.:] | [3201930613] | [ISO9001 No.] | [TUV Rheinland [01100038901]] | [GS No.] | [TUV Rheinland [S502223800001] [S50222380 0002]] | [Factory] | [Self-owned for 25 years (since 1993)] | [Workers] | [187 workers, 60% with 10+ years experience] | [Export volume] | [yearly 500 X 20'GP] | [Total Building Size:] | [24000 Square meters] | [Office Size:] | [3800 Square meters] | [Address:] | [No.2 Changsheng Road, Getang, Nanjing, China 210048] | [Website:] | [www.dahua-sling.com] | - - - - []

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