9355 Silicon Building Polyurethane Adhesive Glue For Construction , Neutral Curi

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Construction Adhesive 9355 silicon building adhesive,neutral curing sealant

Introdcution of 9355


9355 is a high performance, multi-purpose one-component neutral curing sealant, for most of the construction materials such as glass, metal, stone, painted surfaces can produce good adhesion.


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Test item | Index |
Sag | Vertically place mm | 0 |
Horizontally place | Non-deformation |
Extrusion property, ml/min | 651 |
Tack-free time, h | 0.5 |
Displacement capacity rate,% | 12.5 |
Elastic recovery rate,% | 91 |
Tensile modulusMPa | 23 | 0.7 |
Elongation adhesion property | No damage |
Adhesion property after hot-press and cold-drawn | No damage |
Adhesion property after soaking and light | No damage |
Mass loss rate, % | 9
- - - -


1.One component, good extrusion property, easy to use

2.Good extrusion property and thixotropy, easy to use

3.Neutral curing, after curing will form a strong, flexible and able to withstand the sealing layer caused by the displacement of the surrounding

4.Have wide adhesion property, for most of the construction materials have good adhesion.

5.Good strength and anti-aging performance

6.Good compatibility with other silicones


It is suitable for any kinds of doors and windows installation, glass assembly, decoration, caulking, waterproofing, bonding.

Introduction of Huitian
Established in 1977, Huitian is now one of the biggest adhesive manufacturers in China. There are four manufacturing bases in total, providing high performance adhesives for different industries.

Huitian is a total adhesive solution provider for construction industry, including prodcuts for curtain wall, stones, insulating glass, doors and windows.

Huitian has a fully automatic production line for construction adhesives and the capacity can reach 15,000MT/Year .

Huitian's construction adhesives have been widely used in big construction projects and are well reviewed.

Besides construction adhesives, Huitian also provides many others kinds of
products for different industries, transportation, electronics, photovaltaic, etc..

Huitian is your reliable partner and satisfy your need of adhesives!
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