Minging Metallurgy Foam Transfer Pump Froth Pump For Mineral Foam Feeding

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Minging Metallurgy foam transfer pump for mineral foam feeding, foam transfering, sand handling

Foam transfer pumps has been designed to increase the pumpability of frothy slurry. The pump operation is similar to hydrocyclone seperation.

The basic principle of the froth pump operation is to de-aerate or partially de-aerate the froth before it enters the pumping. Its handling capacity of the pump is muchhigher than that of other types of slurry pump without shaft seal and sealing water.


Bearing assembly Bearing housing is installed with motor frame base or supporting plate,Pulleys can be exchanged conveniently to adjust the pump rotating speed to satisfy the varying operating condition.

Feeding tank-Feeding tank can be steel, stainless steel or rubber coated with overflow box and tangential inlet.

Double casings structure the pump head .Wetted parts are metal lined, rubber lined or of other non-metallic material according to the different slurries.


Mine: Black, non-ferrous ore slurry material pump and all kinds of concentrate and tailings conveying

Metallurgy: Transport various slurry for aluminium or steel manufacture

Coal: Coal mining, washing and various coarse and fine coal slurry transportation

Power plant: Remove power plant ash,wash ash,various ash dregs or ash slurry transportation

Construction materials: Various mud sand slurry(such as Cement slurry) transportation

Chemical: Phosphatic fertilizer or potassic fertilizer factory various abrasive slurry trasportation

Water conservancy:Lake,river dredge, sediment,grit, High plastic clay Suction line to transportation

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