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Sand Casting gravel suction pump parts For Wear Resistant High Chrome Steel Cast Iron

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Centrifugal gravel Suction pumps for the river or marine ship or dredger are the series products introduced from abroad,and it could be installed on the dredger or barges for pumping the slurry.


Sand dredging pump are widely used in delivering slurries in Mining, Explosive sludge in metal

melting, Dredging in dredger and course of rivers, and other fields. Type GH pumps are of high-head ones .


1. Horizontal, cantilevered, single-casing structure, centrifugal pump.
2. Wide passage , good performance of NPSH, anti-wearing and anti-corrosion, high efficiency

3. Easy installation.discharge outlet can be adjusted at any direction of 360.
4. Cylinder bearing assembly,grease lubrication ,adjusting the distance between impeller and pump.

5. Mechanical seal, expeller seal and packing seal for selection.
6. Drive type: V-belt drive, gearbox drive, elastic coupling drive, fluid couplings drive, frequency conversion drive, silicon controlled rectifier speed regulation,etc.
Sand gravel slurry pump spare parts main features
Our centrifugal slurry pump wear parts are designed by Spatial Structure CFD and Impeller Casting CAE. Our pump wear parts are made in our foundry and finished in our workshop with strict quality control. These high quality alloy wet- ends provide our customers with longer wear life due to metallurgical advancements and improved efficiency due to patented hydraulics. The users enjoy perfect fit and finish to reduce installation workload. Whether solids transport in the front-end, in-plant processing or tailings, we can produce the best parts for your application.

1. Slurry pump spare parts are mainly made of high-chromium alloy, hard nickel alloy, hastelloy alloy or elastic material, depending on the demand for chromium content in practical application.
2. Most of our slurry pump rubber parts contain natural rubber and synthetic rubber .The natural rubber type shows
some excellent properties ,such as good resistance to acid and corrosive slurry ,good abrasion resistance to small particles, etc. On the other hand, the synthetic rubber type possesses outstanding resistance to abrasion, corrosion as well as high temperature.
3.The slurry pump spare parts we supplied are suitable for standard slurry pump including vertical sump pump ,gravel pump and related 4 mining pumps ,and these products are all qualified .In addition ,we have built up our own factory for casting ,machining, testing and other procedures .
4. OEM drawing of slurry pump is acceptable, and we will provide our client with samples first for the quality inspection .

Slurry pump parts-----impeller:

The pump impeller is made of rubber or metal, and the metal liner and rubber liner are interchangeable .The back vane can reduce the sealing pressure ,and it can also cut down backflow to the largest extent at the same time .On the other hand ,cast-in impeller threads are more suitable for slurry .
Slurry pump parts-shaft sleeveWith ceramic coating----high hardness and fracture
toughness and wear resistant
Shaft sleeve manage wear to minimize shaft cost.
Wherever there is a bearing support for the shaft, centrifugally cast shaft sleeves are used to prevent wear to the shaft. Refurbishment of the shaft is simply a matter of replacing the sleeve and reusing the shaft. Slurry pump parts- cover plate& frame plateSlurry pump cover plate & frame plate for heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump in axial direction is used to bear pressure, and the liner is wear-resistant.

Slurry pumps parts-cover plate liner & frame plate liner

The cover plate is produced using elastomer or hard metal,
such as natural rubber, high - chromium alloy, etc.
It has various sizes and styles, and the installation is very easy. Additionally, OEM design is accepted. This product is also named as slurry pump liner, and it is also an overflow component. It can form a pump chamber with throat bush and frame plate liner insert. Meanwhile, it is white iron with high-chromium alloy whose content as much as 27%, and it shows good resistance to abrasion .

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