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Mineral Processing electric Slurry Pumps are cantilevered, horizontal centrifugal slurry pumps designed for handling abrasive, high density slurries in a wide range of applications.
Mineral Processing electric Slurry Pumps are manufactured to be interchangeable with the most common slurry pump designs and feature a wide range of options.
Mineral Processing electric Slurry Pumps provide rugged performance and reliability in the most demanding slurry pumping

1. Slurry pump parts

Completely interchangeable withslurry pumps and gravel pumps

For unlisted slurry pump parts, OEM service offered---Drawings needed.


-Metal Liner

-Rubber Liner

-Bearing Assembly


- Pump V[olute];

-Cover Plate & Frame Plate


2. Materials

High chrome alloy: A05, A07, A33, A49, etc.

Natural rubber: R08, R26, R33, R55, etc.

Other material as per requests, like stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Nickle alloy, Alloy 20, etc.

3. Short delivery time

For some slurry pump parts, stocks are available. We have large producing capacity to shorten the

delivery time.

4. OEM slurry pump part codes

Here we list some OEM part codes for reference:

Impeller: 127, 147, 145, etc., such as C2127, D3147, E4147, F6147, G8147, G10147, FAM1247...

Volute liner, C2110, D3110, E4110, F6110, G10110, G12110, ...

5. Frame & Bearing Assembly types

Types: B, C, D, E, F, R, X, ST, T, TU, CC, DD, EE, FF, etc.

6. Notice for inquiry

Please send us complete slurry pump part name, part code and material name.

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