Membrane Electrolyser Inlet And Outlet Flexible Hose

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Membrane Electrolyser Inlet and Outlet Flexible Hose Good quality spare parts is crucial for a complete refurbishing package. Ancan is currently continuously developing spare parts for different types of electrolyser to meet the growing demands from customers. Jiangsu Ancan Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading company in research, project design, manufacturing for Electrochemical Industries in China. The core business of ANCAN are refurbishing and recoating of membrane electrolyzer, manufacturing and re-engineering of membrane electrolyzer, supplying of different types of electrolyzer spare parts. In addition, we also cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University in manufacturing special electrolyzer which are widely used in metallurgy treatment, organic electrolyzer, waste water treatment etc. Tel:86-510-86593903 Mobile:+8615061757770 Web:

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