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Polyline PP Plastic Water Filter Housing Designed For Sea Water Brackish Water Filtration


Rugged, all plastic industrial filter housings with a choice of PPL or PVDF construction to meet the needs of all ultra-pure or corrosive liquid filtration applications. BFT Series Single Bag Filter (BFT filter for short ) features over-the-top flowing-in design. It is the single bag filter with the best structure. Its absolute bag sealing design makes it ideal for the absolute high filtration degree applications. The Solid structure delivers high safety and durability. The BFT series bag filter is designed for the most demanding applications.


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Material of Construction | Glass reinforced polypropylene, single and double length; PVDF, double length |
Piping Connections | 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange |
Drain Connections | 2" NPT threaded, PPL, 150# ANSI flange optional; 2, PVDF, 150# ANSI flange |
Bag Size | #01 and #02 |
Pressure Rating | PPL, 150 psi; PVDF, 100 psi |
Seals | Viton, EPDM optional |
Flow Rate* | Single length, 50 gpm with clean bag; double length, 100 gpm with clean bag |
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# Food and Beverage
# Chemical Processing
# Paints, Inks, Resins and Coatings
# Electronics
# Petrochemicals
# Municipal Water Treatment
# Industrial Water Treatment
# Pulp and Paper
# Pharmaceutical
# Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids
# Solvents

# Sizes for one #01 or #02 filter bag
# Viton seals standard
# 2" NPT threaded connections
# Maximum operating pressure of 150 psi at 70F
# Hand removable, spin off cover
# Integral installation flange
# Polypropylene plastic construction
# Plastic vent valve on cover with gauge tap
# Corrosion-resistant exterior, no coatings required
# Duplex model for continuous flow applications

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