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Magnetic Trap MG Series for Food and Beverage Industry


MGS Series Magnetic Trap(MGS Trap for short), is capable to removing iron contaminants(such as rust iron, iron particles)and other small ferromagnetic impurities. It can effectively improve the product purity on production line, and protect key equipment from destruction resulted in by iron particles. MG Trap has the optimized magnetic field distribution design by LIVIC three-dimensional finite element analysis. The whole housing is made of stainless steel. the core magnetic rods are made of the latest technology of ultrapowerful NdFeB(neodymium iron boron) permanent magnetic rare earth.


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MG Filter Sub-series | MGS | MGP |
Standard Design Pressure | 0.6MPa/1.0MPa |
Highest Design Temperature | 0-200C |
Main Inlet and Outlet Size | DN25-DN100 |
Main Inlet and Outlet Flange Standard | HG20592-2009( standard, compatible with DIN)
HG20615-2009(compatible with ANSI B16.5) |
Housing Wet Part Material | 304/316L |
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Applicable industries: Food and beverage, machining, pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, pulp and paper, etc.
Typical applicable liquid: Liquids containing trace iron particles
Filtration function: Trap iron particles, purify liquids, protect key equipment

Technical Features and Advantages

The liquid flows around the strong intensive magnetic field formed by the magnetic bar array. Complete touch and many times trapping increase the removal efficiency.

Optimized magnetic field, powerful trapping strength, trap more iron particles, reduce the maintenance frequency and labor cost.

Max surface magnetic field strength is larger than 12000 gauss and 30% stronger than similar products.

Extreme low attenuation, super long service life, 1% attenuation for 10 years

No energy comsuption, no active part, low running cost, easy maintenance

Standard design tempreture, lower than 60, higher temperature (200) available

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