Liquid Industrial Cartridge Filter Housing For Food / Beverage Filtration

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Liquid Industrial Cartridge Filter Housing for Food and Beverage Filtration


CF Series Cartridge Filter (CF Filter for short), with filter cartridges as filter elements, is capable of liquid precision filtration. It can remove tiny impurities and bacterium. CF filter has the advantages of high filtration rating and high dirt holding capacity.It has various high performance filter cartridges developed by LIVIC, and can meet various conventional and special filtering requirements. The following 4 sub-series are available:

CFK Series filter, is an economical filter, it has tri-clamp lid and is easy to operate, suitable for conventional filtration of low flowrate and low pressure.

Series CFV filter, is a type of high-end filter, competent to the most demanding applications. Its reliable and durable with flange sealing lid and has quick open design and assistant davit.

Series CFM filter, with MaxSEP series cartridge, especially designed for applications of high flowrate, high filtration rating and high dirt holding capacity. It has both horizontal and vertical design, high flowrate, compact structure and easy cartridge replacement. Other design features are the same as the CFV series.


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Optional Filter Cartridge | MaxSEP, PolySEP, PesSEP, PtSEP, MeshSEP, FiberSEP, PorSEP, V-SEP, FineSEP, MicroSEP |
Filtration Rate ( m ) | 0.05-200 |
Cartridge size (inch) | 10,20,30,40 |
Housing Material | 304/316L/CS |
Capacity of cartridge | SS |
Applicable Viscosity (cp) | 1-500 |
Outside Surface Finish | Bead Blasted |
Inside Surface Finish | 120Mesh Polishing ( Standard ), Food Grade Polishing, Halar Coating, PA11 Coating |
Design pressure (MPa) | 0.6,1.0 |
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Applicable industries: Fine chemicals, water treatment systems, plup and paper, automobile manufacturing, petro-chemical, machining, coatings, electronics etc.
Applicable liquids: Wide applicability, all liquids contained micro-impurities.
Filtration function: Remove small particles, purify liquids, protection of critical equipment
Filtration type: One-time intercept filtering, the filter bag need to be replaced manually regularly

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