Flowline Liquid Bag Filter Housing For Food And Beverage Filtration ISO9001

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Flowline Liquid Bag Filter Housing for Food and Beverage Filtration


BFS Series Side-in Single Bag Filter (BFS FILTER for short) is manufactured referring to the GB150 pressure vessel standard. The high strength structure delivers absolutely high safety when filtering the dangerous liquids. It is an ideal durable filter for all the demanding application. The housing design pressure is high up to 2.0MPa. Various inlet and outlet sizes and layouts are optional for the convenient installation.


- - - -
Main Model | BFSA1 | BFSB1 | BFSC1 |
Design Pressure ( MPa ) | 1.0/1.6/2.0 |
Design Temperature ( ) | 0-250 |
Filter Bag Size ( mm ) | 178X419 | 178X813/178X720 | 102X355 |
Filter Area ( ) | 0.25 | 0.5/1.0 | 0.1 |
Flowrate ( m/h ) | 12.5 | 25 | 6m3/h |
Filtration Rate ( m ) | 1-2000 |
Casting Cover Material | CF8/CF8M |
Housing Material | 304/316L |
Support Legs, Bolts & Nuts Material | SS |
Seal Material | NBR/EPDM/VITON/Silastic/PTFE encapsulated Silastic/PTFE |
Outside Surface Finish | Bead Blasted |
Inside Surface Finish | 120Mesh Polishing ( Standard ), Food Grade Polishing, Halar Coating, PA11 Coating |
Standard Inlet & Outlet Connection | Flange HG20592-2009( DIN ) | NPT |
Optional Connection | Flange HG20615-2009 ( ANSI ), NPT, Standard Sanitary Clamp |
Inlet and Outlet Size | DN40/DN50/DN65/DN80/DN100 | DN2 |
Approx. Volume ( L ) | 18 | 32 | 5.8 |
- - - -

The design temperture is also determined by the seal material and the filter bag material

The typical flowrate for the clean water filtration at 10 micron. Consider the filtration degree,

viscosity and contaminent content when filtering the different liquid.


Typical Applications water treatment prefiltration, circulating cooling system, heat exchanger protection, spraying nozzle protection, ballast water treatment system, ultrafiltration membrane protection

Applicable Liquids underground water, sea water, lake water, river water, circulating cooling water, sewage water, process water, cleaning water


Precise casting cover, solid, durable and reliable
Various inlet and outlet size( DN25-DN100 ) availabe for different flowrates
Three types of inlet and outlet layout optional for easy pipeline design and installation
Standard size flange, excellent equipment strength and nozzle loading ability
Quick-Open design, loosen the eye-bolt and nut and open the cover, simple maintenance
Reinforced eye-bolt seat, no deformation under 1.6 MPa
Made of quality 304 or 316 stainless steel
Good welding quality, durable and safe
Concave cover, reduce volume and low liquid level, no liquid overflow pollution.
Solid stainless steel eye-bolts and nuts, corrosion resistance, durable and reliable
Adjustable stanless steal support legs, simple installation
Bead blasted external surface, easy to clean, nice surface finish

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