Wireless Remote Control Air Cushion Vehicle High Efficiency Conveying Equipment

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Eco-Friendly Air Cushion Transporter 4t To 380t In Vehicle Manufacturing

Air-Cushion Transport System (4 tons to 380 tons conveying equipment. wireless remote control, has omni-directional motion ability and automatic balancing function)

Key words:Air-cushion transport vehicle

conveying equipment

vehicle removing heavy goods

omni-directional motion ability

automatic balancing function

Air-cushion transport vehicle is a new kind of conveying equipment for removing heavy goods. The principle is to create an air film between the air cushion and the ground, which makes the transportation part float on the ground. The friction between the cushion and ground is so slight that a little propulsive force could make hundreds of tons goods moved. The air cushion vehicle is safe, reliable, and easy to move. Compared with traditional conveying equipment, the air cushion vehicle has many advantages, such as safety, high efficiency, flexibleness, stability and low cost. It has been widely used in many industries, for example, transformer manufacturing, diesel engine manufacturing, locomotive production, automobile manufacturing, logistics, aviation and aerospace industry.


Efficiency, Security, Stability, Reliability, Flexibility, Environment friendliness, Low cost

Advanced technology

1. With minimal friction, it allows easy implementation of lifting weights just as twiddling a feather.

2. It has omni-directional motion ability, and can achieve forward, backward, left shift, right shift, 360 rotation and S curve walking.

3. With automatic balancing function, it can maintain horizontal state of the carried things.

4. With adjustable movement speed, it delivers stepless speed regulation from the lowest to the highest.

5. With wireless remote control, it makes control more flexible.

6. It realizes linked action of several vehicles, which can load heavier and larger.

Application fields

Aerospace, stacking in warehouse, engineering machinery, wind power generation, steel production, paper making and printing, vehicle manufacturing, shipbuilding, air conditioner manufacturing, power transformer, locomotive, etc

Technical parameters

- - - -
Carrying capacity | 0~380t |
Loading modes | No-load, light-load, Heavy-load |
Speed of marching | Quick speed: 2 10 m/minSlow speed: 2 6 m/min |
Minimum startup distance | <5mm |
Brake distance (mm) | Full-load: <100mm |
Safety device | Fault display alarming device Pressing and collision protection device Emergency brake device Air cushion steady buffering device Air-cushion pressure monitoring device |
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Domestic and international cooperation projects

- - - -
Customer Name | Product | Application |
No. 511 Institute of The Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation | 20T Air-cushion vehicle | Aerospace |
Sinosteel Jilin Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. | 200T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Baoding Tianwei Group Co., Ltd. | 160T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Jinan Transformer Co., Ltd. | 60T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Zhejiang Jiangshan Transformer Co., Ltd | 160T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Changzhou Tiandao Transformer Co., Ltd. | 60T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Sichuan Dongfang Transformer Co., Ltd. | 1600T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Beijing Century Datang Hardware Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. | 7T Air-cushion module | Aerospace |
AVC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute | 4T Air-cushion vehicle | Aerospace |
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center | 140T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Wuhan Heavy Machine Tools Group Co., Ltd. | 300T Air-cushion vehicle | Power transformer |
Xian High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. | | Power transformer |
TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. | | Power transformer |
TBEA Shenyang Transformer Co., Ltd. | | Power transformer |
Xindongbei Shenyang High Voltage Switch Co., Ltd. | | Power transformer |
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