CCHP Micro Gas Turbine Power Station Standby Emergency Power Supply

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CCHP Micro Gas Turbine Power Station Standby Emergency Power Supply

Micro Gas Turbine Power Station (Many fuels including clean fuels can be used for distributed power supply,CCHP system can be built,Standby emergency power supply.)

Key word: Micro Gas Turbine Power Station

clean fuels


Standby emergency power

distributed power supply

Micro Gas Turbine Power Station is an achievement of the specialized significant industrial technology development project of National Development and Reform Commission and a main civilian product using aviation power technologies. It is composed of gas turbine, recuperator, permanent-magnet synchronizing machine, rectification inversion interconnection system, accumulator control system and so on. Some new materials and new technologies are used for the Micro Gas Turbine Power Station to improve generating efficiency, such as high efficiency recuperator, self-acting air bearing, high efficiency and high frequency rectification inversion technology, high-speed permanent-magnet synchronizing machine, and high-efficiency low-pollution multi-fuel control technology. The user can be supplied with quick-startup, clean, quiet and high efficiency power on a nearby basis. Thus, it is an optimal choice for small vehicle-mounted emergency power supply system. Moreover, the electricity transmission loss can be cut down greatly and a CCHP system can be built with Micro Gas Turbine Power Station, so that the energy utilization can be improved greatly. Compared with the diesel generator widely used in the market, the Micro Gas Turbine Power Station is an ideal choice for product upgrading, which has obvious advantages.


1. Many fuels such as natural gas, methane, and diesel oil can be used by the Micro Gas Turbine

Power Station. Small size, low weight, convenient movement, and simple operation.

2. Low noise, low operating cost, and a service life up to 40,000 hours.

3. The high temperature exhaust gas is easily usable.

Advanced technology

Self-acting air bearing, no lubrication system

Application fields

1. Meet the need for energy saving and emission reducing.

2. Standby emergency power supply for disaster prevention and responding, emergent public

affairs, important places and activities, etc.

3. A main way of distributed power supply.

4. Power supply for military equipment.

Technical parameters

- - - -
No. | Item | Technical Specifications |
1 | Model | MG30 |
2 | Power | 30kW |
3 | Output voltage | 220/380V |
4 | Output frequency | 50Hz/60Hz |
5 | Power generation efficiency | 26% |
6 | Full oil consumption | 11L/h |
7 | Noise level | 65dB (10m) |
8 | Service life | 40000h |
9 | Exhaust temperature | 280 |
10 | Weight | 700kg. |
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