Fan Home Appliance Custom Stock Torsion Springs TS 16949 ROHS Certification

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Fan Home Appliance Custom Stock Torsion Springs TS 16949 ROHS Certification


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Material | Music wire |
Wire diameter | 2.8mm |
Outside diameter | 20.7mm |
leg length | 57mm |
Total coils | 2.8 |
Active coils | 2.8 |
Direction | clockwise |
Hardness | HRC 40-45 |
Surface treatment | Bright zinc coated |
Load type | torsion |
Style | cylinder |
Usage | Appliance,fan |
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Torsion springs can either have a left-hand or right-hand helix. They are made to give a force and torque when one leg is turned relative the other.

Our helical torsion springs are made in dimensions from 0.08-60 mm and we select best solution and producing draft your torsion spring.

For closed coiled helical torsion springs there will be a friction between the coils giving a hysteresis in the torque-angle performance.
Usually there are two common types, single and double coil torsion springs.with fixed assembled legs the spring type can work without a coil body control. Tangential legs give the lowest stresses but also radial and axial legs of different types are possible. In many cases the strain in the legs must be considered in the design.


We manufacture all kinds of springs, including torsion springs, and conform to our customers' requirements. No matter where you need to use , we can help you to find an optimum solution.

What torsion springs can we design and manufacture for you? # Designed to store rotational energy or apply torque
# Torsion spring available in sizes ranging from 0.08mm-30mm
# Manufacture all kinds of torsion springs
# Springs that have a space between the coils to minimize friction and noise
# Double torsion springs that consist of one right-hand wound and one left-hand wound coil section connected together, and working in parallel
# Wide variety of torsion spring materials and finishes

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