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Traveller Chris Stapleton

1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)

Bill Paxton gives a career-topping performance as Bokky, a beguiling con artist whose skills with a scam is legendary among the Travellers, modern day gypsies who make a good living swindling unsuspecting victims throughout the rural South. But Bokky's solo routine is interrupted by the arrival of Pat, a young drifter from the "outside" who has returned to claim his birthright as a clan member. Taking Pat under his wing, Bokky and his eager new accomplice carve a path of riotous larceny and trouble-bound romance across the region, until they fall under the spell of outlaw Traveller Double D. Now, taking their petty thievery to an infinitely more dangerous level, the two men set in motion a brilliant but deadly new scam that will put their loyalties and their lives to the ultimate test.

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Just before the first chorus, the camera panned back, revealing a man in a weathered leather cowboy hat and full, thick, long beard hovering in the background. Mr. Bryan began to set the table for the song s emotional reckoning: Don t feel like going home/So I m gonna ...
And then came the ghost in the rear, singing in devastating harmony with Mr. Bryan loud to his soft, agitated to his wounded, twangy to his clean, scratchy to his smooth: ... sit right here/on the edge of this pier/and watch the sunset disappear. If you listened to Mr. Bryan sing that part alone, you d think that was a sad, lonely act. But listen to his background singer alone, and it would sound searching, frenzied, almost frightened.
That was Chris Stapleton singing behind Mr. Bryan. Mr. Stapleton was one of the writers of that song, along with other songs that cut to the emotional quick sung by Josh Turner ( Your Man ), Darius Rucker ( Come Back Song ), Kenny Chesney ( Never Wanted Nothing More ) and more.
And Mr. Stapleton has, for years, been a voice in search of a spotlight. Once the frontman of the bluegrass band the SteelDrivers Adele covered a SteelDrivers track, If It Hadn t Been For Love Mr. Stapleton has put in work in a rock band, the Jompson Brothers, and plenty of time in Nashville songwriting rooms.
Now it s his turn. After a false start with What Are You Listening To?, a debut single that fizzled, Mr. Stapleton is arriving this spring (May 5) with his debut solo album, Traveller (Mercury Nashville). On this howling, earthy, spacious album, Mr. Stapleton s voice is liquor-thick and three-drinks limber. That s not the modern country model of manliness, which is preening and glossy, but a reminder of the genre s haggard strain that long predates it. --NY Times

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# Audio CD (May 4, 2015)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Mercury Nashville

Customer Review

1.)While today's country music is filled with songs detailing long drives on back country roads with a beer in the console, this album actually inspires you do actually get in your car and drive. It is haunting, mellow and a modern interpretation of a classic country album. Listening to him sing, with his wife perfectly harmonizing, reminds me of the days of Merle, Waylon and Johnny. The songs are everything that is beautiful about country music. They are true to life and Chris Stapleton has a way of making you feel every single word, raw and real. Whiskey and You is a song that I cannot get out of my head, along with When the Stars Come Out.

2.)The good: It is not what you hear on the radio today!
The bad: It is not what you hear on the radio today!
I have been a fan of Chris Stapleton since the first time I heard his voice with the SteelDrivers. His rock band The Jompson Brothers was a throwback to what used to be good in rock music. Now he releases his first solo effort, Traveller. This is a throwback to what used to be good in country music. Each song takes you to a place that you have been before. You may have not lived the life the song speaks about, but you sure have had the feelings the song provokes . GREAT songs take you to a place that you are familiar with and allows you to relive that moment in time. This album has 14 GREAT songs!

3.)I've been a fan of Chris Stapleton since his Steeldrivers days. He then moved on to front The Jompson Brothers and has since gone on to seek out a solo career. This long awaited release does not disappoint at all. The emotionally charged lyrics you'd expect from this prolific song writer backed up a voice that screams of raw talent.

If you are looking for down to earth southern music then look no further. No over-produced, pop-country here. This is music written for music lovers. Not music written for mass appeal, MTV, and teeny bopper dollars.

This is true down to earth, home grown, from the heart music.

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