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Chris Tomlin - Never Lose Sight

1.) Description (Editorial Reviews)

Often called America's Worship Leader, Chris Tomlin returns with his new album, NEVER LOSE SIGHT. As the songwriter behind the worship favorites How Great Is Our God, Our God, and Whom Shall I Fear, Chris' songs lead people to the heart of Jesus and into a deeper worship of Him. Featuring Good Good Father and the new single Jesus, this brand new album is filled with songs that draw us closer to Jesus and give voice to our praises, prayers, cries and hopes.

2.) SpecialFeatures
Chris Tomlin is the master of Contemporary Christian worship music!!! There are songs on this album to suit old and young alike. There are upbeat fast paced songs and slower tender praise . Each song is taken straight from scripture. There is also an acoustic version of his mega hit "Good Good Father" that does not disappoint. I will listen to this music for hours on end in the future. It is well worth the price. I bought the mp3 version so it is stored int he cloud. No worries about a cd getting scratched. If you're in doubt about this one, go for it!

3.) Specification

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# Audio CD (October 21, 2016)
# Deluxe Edition edition
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: sixstepsrecords

Customer Review

1.)Okay, so first of all, here are some questions people may have:

Q. How does this compare to Tomlins last album, Love Ran Red?
A. Like Love Ran Red, this album is full of worship and praise. While Love Ran Red really had a focus on Jesus and the cross, Never Lose Sight has a lot more songs of worship to God the Father (though there are still plenty directed towards Jesus). Musically, it is quite similar, though it is slightly less synth-driven than Love Ran Red. Theres enough difference that it really sounds like you are listening to a new album, and not an extension of Love Ran Red.

Q. Is this a praise album?
A. Yes. This album is full of praise, and has an overall theme of who God is, and how much He has done for us.

Q. Is this a good album for someone who is new to CCM?
A. Definitely! The songs are full of praise to God, and are very well written and performed.

2.)Awesome I love every song on Chris Tomlin's new CD this album brings people together for one person Jesus. Each song speaks to me in many different ways. Because each song has a different pace to it & purpose while still being about the same person jesus by everyone singing. First love w/Kim walker smith & Chris Tomlin is one example. I found out about this CD by going to worship night in America at a local church & I really enjoyed that & I just bought the never lose sight deluxe edition CD on Amazon at home after the event & I also got auto rip with my CD purchase it was just an easy buy for me

3.)Another awesome album from Chris Tomlin! His worship is genuine and his words move your heart closer to the Kingdom of God. I praise this album as another 5 star work from an anointed brother for bringing us closer to the Father.Chris Tomlin is one of my favorite musicians. I like the dynamics of his music. He doesn't just play and sing at full volume and keep that intensity. He sings dynamically with an ebb and flow, and I like prefer acoustic guitar. I love most, not all of the songs he's written.

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