Boron Carbide ballistic ceramic tile / Aluminum Oxide Ceramic Tile Typical for B

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made of boron carbide
lightweight,high toughness
for aircraft armor,vehicle armor
for body armor


Boron carbide bulletproof armor plate is made by sintereting boron carbide abrasive grain in the

high pressure vacuum sintering furnace, from room temperature to a certain temperature, keep thistemperature for several hours then naturally cooling to room temperature again, then processing itmechanically to reach a required tolerance.


Boron carbide bulletproof armor plate is suitable for making lightweight bulletproof armor, using to protect aircraft, vehicle, naval vessel and making bullet-proof vest.

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Total Boron77.90%

Total Carbon 20.98%

Fe2O3 0.16%

B+C 98.88%

B4C 95.85%

Physical Properties:

Color Grey

Bending Strength 469Mpa

Fracture Toughness4.2Mpa.m1/2

Density 2.56 g/cm3

Hardness 30.83Gpa, Vickers

Dimension Available :

- - - -
Length(mm) | Width(mm) | Thickness(mm) |
50 | 50 | 8-10 |
150 | 150 | 5-10 |
200 | 200 | 5-10 |
- - - -

Hexagon, single spherical side, double spherical side, arc shape and OEM dimension available upon request.

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