PLC Control Aluminum PVC Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machines

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PLC Control Aluminum PVC Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machines

Performance and Characteristics:

1.Enter the pulling length in the touch-screen based on your plate size. Pulling length can be adjusted .Serve motor is adopted on the machine for precise controlling the pulling length and saving material.

2.Easy to change mold because the mold is fixed by located groove.

3.Adopt the interface of human-machine and PLC control system. Speed can be controlled by step-less transducer.

4.The machine comes with Automatic Detection System for object absence in blisters by mechanical detecting system or optical sensor or camera system is required by clients.

5.The machine gets the function for easy cutting line embossing, batch number embossing and wasted packaging material rewinding.

6. Cylinder hot sealing,the heating molds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which can protect the packing material from damage,extend the machines life.


- - - -
Model | ALU-Plastic-ALU | ALUALU | ALU-PVC |
MachineBody | StainlessSteel304/316(medicinalcontactcanbeselectedSS3016) |
Blankingfrequency(times/min) (Standardsize57*80) | 12-30 | 15-30 | 20-45 |
Adjustablepullinglength | 30-120mm |
| |
MaxFormingareaanddepth | 160*110*15mm | 160*110*13mm | 160*110*15mm |
Powersupply(Threephase) | 380V/220V50HZ7KW | 380V/220V50HZ4.5KW | 380V/220V50HZ5.5KW |
PackagingMaterial(mm) (I.D.75mm) | TropicalFoil 160*(0.1-0.12)*(400) PVC 160*(0.15-0.4)*(400) | AluAluFoil 160*(0.14-0.18)*(400) | PVC 160*(0.15-0.4)*(400) |
BlisterFoil:160*(0.02-0.15)*(250) |
Aircompressor | 0.6-0.8Mpa0.45m3/min(self-prepared) |
Mouldcooling | (Recyclewaterorcirculatingwaterconsumption)40-80L/h |
OverallDimension(L*W*H) (includingfoundation) | 3660*700*1500 |
DimensionofEachPart | 1200*700*1500(front) |
1460*700*1400(middle) |
1000*700*1400(back) |
Weight | About1200kg |
- - - -

This machine can be equipped with image detecting controlling device; the automatic function will be improved further, details as follow:

1. Product detecting and rejecting functions: check out the pills of which the rate of defect is above 15%, half-filled capsules and empty capsules; it can reject waste plate automatically.
2. On line statistical function: can calculate the number of the checked and rejected products.
3. Tracing and displaying functions for the waste plate: tracing and displaying the position and situation of the waste plate on the main screen of the monitor, until rejected.
4. Manual rejecting Function: the system has the function of point reject and continuous reject.
5. System protective function: the system will alarm if troubles happen.

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